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Honey Flows Slowly

I actually squeezed in some quality time with my knitting this weekend between fence-ripping down and water sealing my porch ceiling.  Having my last Friday off helped a bit too, but I did more work that day than I wanted (still finishing up post-doc leftovers).

I have the button band and hemming to go and a whole bunch of ends.  The good news is I think it will fit me.  It's very short (why I'm surprised when the schematic says 18.5 inches I don't know.  However, the model must be very short because it doesn't look the same way in the photo--stupid Rowan) but I think it'll work with a tank/shell underneath (and a bra!) and I look good in boxy cropped things.


(My version is above the navel).

I sort of wished I had dones the garter bands instead of hemmed edges but it'll probably be fine when it's all done.  Now I need one fab button.  Lettuce Knit has hand-made porcelain ones which could work.  But I can't get to knit night this week.  Shoot.

Hopefully I'll have time to finish it tonight.  Though it'll be too hot to wear this week--we're having a heat wave.  I'm very happy to be in my new office-space with a/c!

Patriarchy cutting their own?

This little headline on my gmail caught my eye:

Male circumcision key to slowing AIDS epidemic, researcher says

Apparently circumsized men have a much lower chance of becoming infected with HIV in female to male transmission.  About 60% lower.

That sounds pretty good on the face of it.  But then I started thinking about it.  How many cases of transmission are female to male?  How do those transmissions happen?  From my understanding of the issues, men do contract HIV from women, but usually those women are sex-workers.  Then these men transmit HIV to their wives.  So who's being helped here?  Sure sounds like men can fuck around with lower risk if you ask me.

And, what about condoms?  Really, should we be funding large-scale foreskin lopping programs in countries instead of providing condoms and education and working to increase the status of women so that sex-work is not one of the only ways women can survive?  In places where basical medical care is scanty, circumsizing adult men is not really an option.  I'm also doubting they'll be lining up to have it done.  I do not support circumcision and while the research is interesting, it's not all that helpful in stopping the spread of HIV.  (I know there are cultural reasons for it, but I think those are wrong too--female genital mutilation is cultural, that doesn't make it right).  I'm with Stephen Lewis on this, the answer to HIV/AIDS will not be found in a medical breakthrough, massive social change is needed.

What initially drew me to this article was the concept.  I really dislike the "cut it off to prevent disease model of medicine".  This often happens with women (and the feminist literature on medicalization provides many examples), but I haven't heard it proposed on a wide scale for men.  Having a hysterectomy for a strictly uterine issue?  Why not take out the ovaries too--just in case--because you're an old woman and you don't need them.  Fearful of breast cancer due to genetic factors? --have a prophylactic mastectomy.  Medicine has to start doing better than this.  How about we start with some prevention methods that are already proven and get the resources to the places that need them.

Sting is *HOT*

We went to The Police Concert tonight (I took this with my camera phone--Sony Ericsson w810i for the geeky folks--I recommend you click to embiggen it--it's a dang good picture for a camera phone or for anything at a concert.  It looks better on flickr):


I had a great time.  I haven't been to a stadium concert in a long time (since the big SARS-stock concert and before that The Eurythmics in 1989) and I love the energy. (This one is all about the noise).


And Sting is HOT.  I only saw on the big screen but that was good because I knew he was there in the same room as me.

I liked it so much I bought the T-shirt (and a cheesy expression; I must be thinking of Sting).


Holy Sh*t! There's Knitting!

It's been a good week.  The kids spent it at my Mother's so we got to play a bunch--a movie and beers, quiet dinners, unhurried mornings.  It was nice.  I had a paper accepted for publication and I got a new permanent job.  The job news is especially good.  I have been working at the University on a contract and now it's full time.  It's also not an academic job (though it does involve research) and I'm happy about that too.  And besides it's a new adventure.

I've even had time to knit this week:

Two more pieces of Honey are blocking.  I'm on the last sleeve and having the "get it finished" fever.  I still have to decide about the front button bands so it may take a while longer as I experiment to find the right ones.  I changed the bottom bands from garter stitch to fold-over hems and might do the same for the bands, but I think it might be too thick.  I-cord is another possibility, except the bands are fairly large and I need the extra width there (I'm actually only 50% sure this sweater will fit). 


I've also been dabbling with the Mystery Stole (3).  I'm really enjoying watching this one unfold.  Here it is in the middle of clue 2:


The two-colours of beads are working out really well too.  They're a bitch to photograph, so you'll have to just take my word for it.


They look more pretty than this.  Really. 

And to end my good week, I'm off to pick up my new bike!  I'm also checking out some accessories.  I really like what these people did to their Townies.  Especially the daisies.  I heart daisies.  I almost went for this bike, but it was too silly for what I need.  I think I'm having a mid-life crisis!


Birthdays are fun!  I wanted to say thanks to my pals who sent me lovely birthday goodies.

Earrings from Rosemary (did you see the matching shawl pins?)


I normally don't wear fancy earrings (I have this *thing* about my ears) but I love the look of these.


Super fab mug from AmyJennie the Potter made this one. Go see her shop, the pottery is beautiful.



And yarnie goodies from my pal Keri.  Nothing says birthday like Kid Silk Haze and a Rowan Magazine.


Thanks for all the great gifts!

I also bought myself a present:


It's an Electra Townie 7d.  I bought a white back rack too (and will get some fenders later--maybe Hawaiian style!).  I tried a few Trek bikes and they were too short--my butt was hanging off the seat.  The Townie felt just right.  It was like I was a kid again on a big cruiser, but with an easier ride.  I had to order the 7 speed (the 3 had coaster brakes which I didn't really love and I wanted a few more speeds).  Hopefully I'll have it soon.

Friday Beady-Eye Candy

Michelle* asked for more details on my Copper Bauble. I bought the beads at a shop in Scarborough called Bead F/X.  I know everyone talks about Arton Beads on Queen W. and no, I've never been, I happened to be on Warden Ave. and I liked this place a lot.  They light all the rooms with Ott lights so you can see the beads very well and they have lots of sparkly goodies.

The seed beads are size 11/0 Light brown czech beads. 


They're translucent and that was my starting point to building the colour palette.  Then I just walked around with my pal Keri and grabbed any appropriately sized larger beads that I thought would work.  We laid them all on the table and chose the ones that would work the best.  I also wanted a balance of matte and sparkle.

I started taking pictures of my own, but they're not as good as the ones from the Beads F/X sight, so I snagged some from there too.

6mm Diamond nosiette:


5X7mm Red Green Cubes (one of favourites of the group):


6mm flat discs in Bronze


Firepolish - 6 mm Faceted Round - The Evil Queen's Apple (love that name!)


6mm Atlas Beads in Bronze:


6mm Fire polish 2 way cut in poison green beads (fits nice with the Evil Queen's Apple--I didn't even see that until now)


8mm Rocco Rounds in Bronze:


And my favourite of the bunch.  I like the stone look they have and the very matte colour just popped on the bracelet.  Firepolish - 5 x 3 mm Faceted Donut - Ole Guacamole:


Makes you want to run out and get some sparkly stuff eh?  Makes me want to play with beads instead of revising this manuscript.  But I get to go bike shopping (finally!) when I'm done.

*(Thanks Michelle, I've been so busy with work I don't have anything to post, this was helpful!) 

Mystery Stole

Sure, everyone is doing it, so why not me?  Actually I signed up in early June because it sounded like a fun project.  I really like knitting lace in the summer and I wanted to do a black one with beads, so this fit the bill nicely.

I'm working on it at my own pace, and am still on the first clue.  Here's a crappy photo of my progress so far:


I'm using Zephyr in Ebony and some lovely silver lined matte beads from Earthfaire.  I ordered Sapphire and Chartreuse and when they arrived I couldn't decide.  They both look so good on the yarn:


So, I decided to be daring.  I'm using both.  The sapphire for the edge beads and the chartreuse for the middle.  I'm liking it.  If you look really closely at the first photo you can almost see them.

I should probably go over to Ravelry and add this in, but I'm going to play with my new Sony Ericsson cell phone instead.  I'm finally free of Bell Mobility! 

Bauble in Copper

I'm playing a bit of blog catch up here.  I'm seeing this week streak by with no knitting, so it's better to be in the past than the present.

I finished this last Tuesday night:


This artsy accident picture shows off the colours at their truest.  It's not a shiny bauble like my first one.


I love it.  My pal Keri helped with the colour selection.  This is my favourite palette.  I have a lots of beads left and am thinking out some kind of necklace.


I have Rosemary to thank for the pattern.  And my new bead obsession.

So busy I forgot to blog

We were on vacation from work this week, but we were still working.  Our house is now 805kg lighter of junk that we hauled from the house and garage out to the dump and we have two nice ceiling fans in our living/dining room.  The weed mascarading as a 20ft tree in our backyard is also history.  Not a week in Mexico, but not too shabby. 

The days flew by and I actually forgot to read email or blog or do much virtual stuff.  It was sort of liberating.  I was so busy I didn't miss it and I also avoided looking at work-related things, but now that we're getting ready for back-to-work-Monday I'm ready to get back to the routine and read blogs and emails and blog myself.  I would like that week in Mexico, but well, that isn't going to happen.

We did spend today at Ontario Place.  This is a busy weekend in Toronto and like last year, we thought going to Ontario Place when the Grand Prix was on would be a good thing to do because the park is really quiet on that day (or was last year).  Also the weather was on our side, Environment Canada told me so this morning:


But they all lied!  Bastards!  It rained.  A lot.  Most of the day.  It wasn't 34c.  We weren't water-sliding the day away at Soak City to stay cool as much as wandering around the Damp Hamlet that was the park.  We did do some good sliding, but it wasn't the day we envisioned.  Especially since the park had some promotion coupon for $6.80 admission (usually $33.50) so it was busy. 

It wasn't a complete loss because we have free passes for another time on account of the rain (they have a rain guarantee!) so we'll just have a do-over later this summer.  And the kids had lots of fun which was the whole point; and a nice way to end the week off.

Now if I can get my camera battery to hold a charge I'll show you some of the meagre knitting I finished this week.  And that'll give me a post for tomorrow.