Honey Hooray!

Claudia, The Tangerine Machine

I've had a month of riding to work and I have to say, I *heart* my bike.


I've also been customizing her a bit:


They are parts from the Daisy Cruiser that I love but which isn't the bike for me.  Due to a little accident by the shop, I have a Daisy seat coming too (my white seat is ripped a bit and they're replacing it.  And, I still think she needs fenders.  I would love daisy ones but apparently Electra doesn't sell them (though I'm asking), so white will d0.

It's silly, but also fun and a great ride.  Townie: Built for comfort and speed!



I heart your bike too!

supercute - love the orange

LOVE that bike, steph.
come over and visit!

It looks like a fun ride!

Squeeeeeeeeeee! I love it! Riding a bike to work is just too cool. :)

Love the mods!

How cool - an orange bike! So nice to be able to bike to work, and do it in style!

Once upon a time (when *I* was your age), girl bikes came only in blue, while boy bikes came in red and black.

If orange was an option back then, I might still be riding!

Super stylin'!!

Rad bike!! :)

Between your Claudia and the human Claudia, I have serious bike envy these days.

Heeee! I <3 it too!

Great Bike! Ride happy on her! Does your helmet match?

gorgeous bike. now i have tangerine bike envy! oh my. hope you get lots of enjoyment out of your new smoothie!

So cute! My husband works as a mechanic in a bike shop and the Townies are soo popular. Everyone says it's the most comfortable bike out there. My husband's parents even bought a pair, and I want one too! I love all the cute customized details on yours.

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