Week Two: Not-so-ambitious
Knitterly Week

Substitute Pictures

I'm turning into a really bad blogger.  Mostly because I blog so infrequently, and when I do blog I don't even have photos.

Case in point: Yesterday I had a bunch of friends over for an afternoon Stitch'n'Bitch.  It was a fun luxury for me to have a weekday afternoon to play with friends; many of whom have flexible jobs so they can do this when they want, a few like me who have school holidays and some who decided to play hooky (hee hee).  We ate goodies like Elizabeth's scones with Jacquie's hot chocolate, compared fibers, watched Denny spin pretty things, witnessed Keri's (yes, that Keri) seaming gone wrong and had a nice knitty afternoon.  Amy had some cool tools, another Keri had nice yarn, Kim showed off her new gorgeous hand dyed, handspun scarf, Petra is getting the knitting bug and lovely thirteen year old Allison kept my kids busy playing. 

I made good progress on my second Roam sleeve and didn't take a single f-ing picture.

So here are some substitutes:

Roam sleeves.  I love the colour so much I immediately casted on for the back.  I was planning on getting back to the Earth Stripe Wrap, but I'm liking this more.


Grey Mist.  6 long rounds until I split the body and sleeves.  Yum.


And my plan for the children if they don't get along. 

A two-week holiday may be too long for them.  I'm trying to be a good parent and cut back on the tv and PS2, but right now, I suspect that's all that will keep them from bickering.  They got a bunch of toys for Christmas but don't want to play with any of them.   All my suggestions to "I'm bored" are met with resistance.  Maybe I can convince them to play outside, or lock them in a closet.

Hallelujah, they went outside.  There is no yelling.  Back to Roam. 


I was chatting with a colleague today about how little tv we watched as children. If I ever stated to my parents that "I was bored", I was given a chore to do. I learned early on that I'd rather read a book, or draw a picture, than clean out the garage or do any of the other mundane tasks they happily set me to do.

I don't have kids yet, but when I do I think I'm going to take a leaf from Kat's parents.

I don't go to blogs for pictures (or at least not just). Pictures are just a bonus, especially for the criminally inept (with a camera) among us like me.

I am SO with you on the strangulation. Our boys started in on Dec. 26 with the bickering and teasing and crying and yelling and have not relented. I think the high point so far was when the 5-year-old picked at the 9-year-old until he got shoved ass over teakettle into the Christmas tree, taking down (permanently) a few ornaments.

I think by law school should start up no later than 3 days after Christmas day. 4 days if there's a fresh snowfall somewhere in there (that always pacifies them for a day).

your not so bad, you post and at least your pictures don't get eaten up by cyberspace - great sleeves! I thought of you today as I tried to go to that new yarn store in TO but it was closed and I wanted to get back to my end of the province before the traffic got too bad - guess it will have to wait till next time - probably good for my wallet

Hang in there. Mine are at the age where my husband and I wake up Christmas day before they do. I'm wishing I could get going on Roam but other distractions conspire.

Yours looks great.

I got a blog mention...woo hoo! Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon.

Anytime one of us said, "I'm bored" my mom instantly gave us some unpleasant job to do. And you know, it works really well on my kids, too!

Thursday was a lot of fun! Thanks again! Next time I'll try to remind you to take some pics. :-)

Love the cartoon. Says it all.

so that's what happens to babies when they're not babies anymore, eh. thank goodness for yarn!

My dad's response to me saying "I'm bored" used to be "That means you have no inner resources". I hated that. Hated it so much in fact I used my "inner resources" to find something to do.

My dad's response to me saying "I'm bored" used to be "That means you have no inner resources". I hated that. Hated it so much in fact I used my "inner resources" to find something to do.

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