With "friends" like these...
So much randomness


Apparently, I'm a dormouse. I beg to differ.



apparently i'm alice as well.

Oh dear - I'm a playing card: obedient and cowed by those in power. I was hoping for the mad hatter. :)

That was fun - I'm Alice...

I, too, am a Cheshire Cat! Slinky and rather round -- I guess that fits!

God, everyone is Alice. I feel so common.

I'm the Queen of Hearts.

"You like to have control of a situation and demand loyalty and obedience. You like to win and won't mind a little cheating to get your way, but if you are rubbed the wrong way you lose your temper quickly!"

So ... off with your heads! :D

Hmmm...I was a playing card. I found it interesting that many of the questions I could answer with one extreme or the other. Usually I am quite in the middle. I plan on reading Alice in Wonderland on my next weekend getaway.

I thought about the characters and thought, "hmm, I'll bet I'm Alice." Took the quiz, and yep, I'm Alice.


It says I'm Alice -- but I'm equally the Mad Hatter. It didn't tell me what it means to be the Mad Hatter..
curiouser and curiouser that is, don't you think?
More TEA!

You scored as a The Dormouse
You scored the Dormouse! Always yawning, you like sweet things like jam and treacle and you tell stories that don't always make sense. You are terrified of cats and go mad if one is even mentioned!

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