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I heart Roam

I love my new sweater.


Laura's design was fantastic to knit, the shaping is fabulous and the finished product fits me perfectly.

The zipper sewing worked on the first try and the only hard thing was getting some good photos (I decided to stop trying and just blog it).  I finished it last Wednesday and have worn it every day since.


And the Briar Rose Fourth of July yarn is fantastic.  I loved working with it, love the colours, love how it feels.  I want more!

"I love it when a plan comes together." *

(*Geek points to anyone who knows that quote--circa the same time as my wood panelled basement)


It looks fantastic on you. What yarn did you use? Great job!

Your sweater is beautiful! The colors are so fresh and lively.

And, um, that wouldn't be a reference to the A-Team, would it? :)

I love the color and it looks so comfortable! Great job.

It's the old dude from the A Team, right? Geek points, how about Mr. T points!

Love the glasses too... !
It seems that with this sweater it brings them more..

It looks terrific! Love the color - the variegation is so nice and even.

Looks great! Were you able to get the gauge the pattern calls for? I notice on Briar Rose's website, the gauge is listed as 6 spi instead of the required gauge for the yarn used in Roam (Great Big Sea is 5 spi). I want to use BR yarn for the sweater but I'm afraid I won't be able to get gauge.


That looks really nice. I wanted to make Roam (along with 50 million other projects), but the called for yarn is a bit spendy. Is Briar Rose a more affordable alternative? (and yeah, as soon as I hit the post button I'll look at their website because I'm a goober).

I can't identify the quote but we use it all the time around here.

The sweater looks FABULOUS. You even had me browsing those yarns online the other week.

It's beautiful!

Roam looks fantastic! And useful.

My family room looked like that when we bought our house.

Super pretty Steph! I love the hood and the colour

Fabulous colours! Your hair cut is cool, too.

Beautiful job! It looks great on you : )

I like it - the fit and the color.

Hey, is that you modeling And reviewing) the bags on the new spring knitty?

A-team, and the old guy was named hannibal.

my dad loved that show (i just drooled over dirk benedict, lol)

Wow Steph! It shore looks mighty purdy on you. You did a really nice job with those i-cords and zipper.

I have my Briar Rose yarn calling me but I must finish up some other projects. Hoping the wool pixies will surprise me with a finished, nothing yet.

What I really liked about ordering from Briar Rose was how she went out of her way to dye the colours I wanted using the type of fibre I wanted and mail it out to me when she said she was going to. I know I'll be ordering from her again.

Guess I'm not a 'geek'. Never had the patience to watch A-Team.

I love your sweater!

Geek points for me -- I used to LOVE watching A Team!!
I love your sweater too!

That turned out great! It fits really well.

Your sweater is awesome and looks great on you. I can see the pride on your face and I am envious!

Success! Nice work. You should wear it with pride!

You look so good in that. And the color is AWESOME!

Was that you and your Roam in the new Spring Knitty?

Love the sweater. Great job, the color is really flattering!

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