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I love saying "Vinterblomster"

Thanks to Ravelry, I discovered some very cute mittens. I love daisies and there's something so cheery about this pattern that I want to make them right now.

What sealed the deal for me was having the called-for yarn in my stash. Amy brought it back for me from Norway and I like the idea of using it for a Norwegian pattern (where I get to keep saying Vinterblomster).


I'm still thinking out what colour goes where. Right now the plan is for the grey to be the background, the light aqua for the flowers and the teal for the contrast. I like the teal most of all, so wish I could use it more but I don't think it'll pop enough. The other option is to have the teal as the main colour and use the grey as the contrast--I may actually have to swatch (which does kill the cast on and get started thrill of a new project).

I am secretly hoping that by starting these mittens I will make all the snow melt and force Spring to arrive.  (Yes, I am in denial about yet another impending snow storm.)


I found those mittens the other day, too and immediately fell in love with them. The daisies are so cute!

Oh, definitely the teal for the background, the turquoise for the flowers and the grey for contrast. It'll pop plenty, and be beautiful to boot!

Ooooo. Pretty colours. I love the mitten pattern.

Oooh. I hadn't seen that pattern yet. Such fun--thanks for pointing it out!

I can send you all the rain we're getting in Halifax this weekend if you like. Damn Maritime weather.

I'm going to Norway in May. I can't wait to visit some yarn shops!

Have you thought about knitting one mitten in teal with grey contrast and one in grey with teal contrast?

either choice works. one that don't really work is using grey as daisy.

i'm not a big fan o the teal, then again these are not for me.

Oh my gosh, those are adorable!! definitely adding them to my list, I love daisies too. :o)

I too think you could do teal for background, aqua for the daisies and it would be really pretty. the grey and aqua would be nice too and more subtle.

I like both of those options, I'd probably make the center area of the flowers the teal and use the lighter blue color as the outline and stem (if that makes any sense).

They are very cute mittens. And you could go either way with the teal and grey, I think. As long as the aqua is the flower colour, you'll be fine.

but maybe go for the grey with teal contrast and then use teal for a coordinating hat, with a gray band?

What do you mean snow ???? ;) As a Montrealer we are near breaking the time record: we have had so far 7 snowstorms cumulating in about 350 cm so far - they are forecasting another 25-35cm Saturday. Our record to break is 380cm - we should be close. For your fellow US readers - 350cm is 137.8 inches of snow !!! The ski resorts are so happy !

It is meant to be! Looking forward to the new mitties of power. I hope. Maybe if we all cast on for insanely warm winter wear the snow will go away. Wonderknitters power...ACTIVATE!

The mittens are lovely! And I, too, am in denial about this upcoming storm. Let's knit up a storm to warm the earth up and melt the snow! How does that sound? :)

I love them. No room on the queue right now so I hope to live vicariously through your mittens.

One of my LYSs carries this yarn! It's a lurvely yarn- more interesting to knit with than plain old yarn-of-that-gauge.

love them!

I love it! What a great way to tempt Spring :)

Thanks for the direction to the pattern!!! I actually have some yellow/orange/red and green I have left over from a project- all is Harrisville Designs fingering- so I might just have me a pair myself!!!!!!

Those are adorable mittens! I would use the light aqua for the background, and the teal for the leaves and the flowers (or reversed). I would do the contrast stripe in grey with light aqua flowers and teal stripes to each side (or light aqua stripes if you are doing light aqua against a teal background). I think the grey and teal may be too close in value to each other to pop if used one against a background of the other on the main mitten foliage pattern. Just my $.50 worth (US dollar is down, dontcha know).

If it will make Spring come, start knitting right now, please?

The snow in our backyard is up over the tops of the 5' tall tiki torches. Brr.

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