Not completely seamless
How did I fall in love with a $325 coat?

What's in Dr. Steph's knitting bag(s)?

One area where my new MacBook totally delivers is on the photo side of things. My Canon Powershot S230 is five years old and on my PC I needed to download pictures using Canon's cumbersome software; without it, XP couldn't seem to find the camera. With my new 'puter, I plugged in the camera and there were my photos! So I took pictures of all my WIPs.

Earth Stripe wrap is at the 112cm mark (I think it's about 150cm at finished length without fringe). I'm sooooo close. I want to wear this a few times at least before Spring, so this is high on my list. It's too big and there's too many colours to carry around so I need to be home to work on this. Not a problem this week because Craig is off to the Tim Horton's Colts Provincial Championships tomorrow so it's just me, the kids and the tv. Go Beck Rink!

112cm earth stripe

I finished the first Vinterblomster mitten last Tuesday night. Here it is blocked. I love it.

First vinterblomster

I started the second mitt last night so that there is a chance I'll have a pair to wear this Spring (I think they'll match nicely with Claudia).

Starting second vinterblomster

Emma's socks are almost done (Oak grove mc and Sheldrige Farms soft touch cc). Her feet have appeared to stop growing (she's just turned 9 and wear's a woman's size 7, so having them slow down for a bit is good for sock knitting and shoe buying).

Emma's Socks

And this is the thing that is distracting me from all of the above. My first piece of Vino--Laura's awesome sweater coat. The yarn is Dream in Colour Classy in November Muse and I love knitting this and looking at it. The colour is exactly my style and it's fast and fun. I put this into the bottom of my knitting bag and left all the rest out so I don't play with it for a bit.

Vino cardi sleeve

This also game me the chance to show off my new couch and funky ottoman.  The scary ikea couch is no more and I have place to rest my feet while I knit!


Go Team Beck! Gawd, I miss curling... we've taken some time off, and I was pining for it during the Scotties and the Brier...

You've been a knitting fiend! I love the Earth Stripe wrap. Love it. And the mitten is amazing. The socks are beautiful. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kid seems to be growing spare parts for the Jolly Green Giant. My son's feet have gone from a boys' size four to a men's size 8.5 in six months. He's only four foot nine and ten years old. Heaven help the child--it looks like he got my feet.

I am a big fan of Earth Stripe Wrap. I am glad to see it is getting close! Now I am drooling over Vino too.

Wow, look at all that knitting! So pretty. Darned if I can't think of a better colorway for those Vinterblomster mittens...I really want to make them and all I can think is aqua and grey now, hehe. Maybe I'll tree pink and grey...

Er, make that "try" not "tree", I have gardening on the mind.

Your Earth Stripe Wrap is looking lovely and so is your Vinterblomster mitten... and socks... and sweater...


The mitten is *awesome*! I think you may even have inspired me to start knitting Chriskwanzukah/solstice gifts early. And that's saying something.

Take my word, Claudia is DYING to ride with you.

You have been busy! How does the mitten fit? Who makes Dream?

I like those sock colours.

I played this game often, but for me, our creativity never stretched past trying to figure out what animal we would be. I'm still un-decided on the matter.

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