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Putting the Genie Back In the Bottle

Actually, putting my ipod back into my computer...

I backed up all my iTunes purchases before my laptop died, but didn't realize that it wasn't backing up everything else on my ipod--all my cd's, the playlists etc.  What I want to do is put the contents of my ipod back into iTunes and not load everything back in manually.

I notice that iTunes doesn't have this feature (well not if your computer is dead), but there are lots of programs out there that will.  I also notice that the free versions limit the number of songs one can do without paying, and before I shell out the cash I would welcome any recommendations on what works well for a PC or Mac. 

Don't tell me that iPods and iTunes are evil because in my mind they are what they are and there is no great injustice in their configuration, just a lot of inconvenience.  I've decided that the road to hell is paved with attempts to understand why big companies do what they do when the short answer is: Because they can.  People buy their stuff and their complaints aren't enough to hurt sales.  I'm not feeling duped, just put out in terms of time.

Though looking at my little iPod mini, it seems so out of date.  That is something evil about the whole thing--my coveting of new gadgets.



I had to do this recently and I used and it was great. I think you have to have a mac though. It preserved all my playlists etc. Good luck

Check out if you haven't found it already. There was a point where I thought my hard drive was gone and that I would have to restore from the ipod. Thankfully the drive was ok (although the computer was not). But there was info that was helpful on that site.

I would recommend Podutil, which you can get here:

There's a paid version and an unpaid version, and the only difference is that the unpaid version tells you every 50 songs that it would be nice if you paid, but then you click OK and it just keeps downloading your songs. You can preserve playlists and everything on it too.

My friend uses Senuti...not sure where she got it, but it seems to work well.

Hey Steph,

My DH has been looking into this since I got an 8G Nano for Xmas and have a cute 6G Mini that will need to be uploaded. Here, I'll put him on the computer...

If you have a Mac, the Senuti program works very well. Once you connect your ipod, it will read everything on it including all of your playlists, etc. I've been looking for quite awhile and this seems to be the only Mac program that does what it does very well. Just connect it, it will read your contents and transfer to your hard drive or an external drive. Load these files back into itunes and reload them as per usual (if you get a new ipod). This program goes in both directions.

Okay Dr. Steph - hope this helps!

I use iPod Viewer - it seems to work well

I used iPodDisk for this purpose--after seeing it reviewed in MacWorld. It's free, but only for a Mac running OSX10.4 or later. Here's one of many places for a free download:

Thanks for sharing this! And thanks to those responding (especially with WinDoze solutions) for sharing your solutions!
Please let us know how it all works out. iPod owners want to know...

You don't need a program to do this!! I got a new iPod and a new computer and had to copy the songs off my old iPod new the computer so that I could get them onto the new iPod. There's a great tutorial here: Go to the second page to see how to copy without a separate program. I did it on both Windows and Mac and everything went completely smoothly.

Not sure if you are using a Mac, but if you are there was a bit of a hiccup -- I had to manually copy the files from the hidden directory to a directory on my computer and then import from that directory to iTunes as iTunes couldn't see the hidden directory even after I un-hid it. Not a big deal, but I wanted to mention it. The Windows instructions worked perfectly, though.

If you do want a program, there are a lot of great free ones -- the tutotial mentions some of them, I believe.

Good luck!

Oh, c'mon.. don't diss the mini.. I still love my little lime green podder even though it's outdated. Remember when they were the only non-white option, and just having it in your hand gave you a little whizz-bang-fizzle in your brain's happy place? :)

I have used iPodRip before...not sure how to get it bc my boyfriend installed it on my Mac for me.

After reading all the comments, I feel even less techno-savvy than usual. I got my iPod a couple of years ago and have yet to change or add to the songs I put on it originally, because I can't remember how!

I wish I had thought to even look for a program when my old computer died and I had to get everything back.

One thing I found though was that you don't need to specifically back up the purchased songs. When I authorized the new computer, I was able to redownload all of them quick and easy.

And here I thought you were going to talk about the Genies broadcast! :)

I bought CopyPod and it sucked. I say don't use it!!! I'll be watching carefully to see how well your transfer process goes so I can try something better for my own files. I've been putting it off much too long.

No clue! I'm just thankful that the iphone does back up everything.

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