Putting the Genie Back In the Bottle

So much randomness

1. Laptop finally died last Sunday.  Dead.  No chance of it coming back.  The only bright spot is that the hard drive was intact.

2. Nice tech support guys at worked moved all my files to my work computer.  Also allowed me to really decide what I wanted to keep (moving is always good for culling junk.)

3. We have a six-year-old desktop computer in the cold basement and I'm at it right now.  This hasn't been my main computer for 4 years and it might as well be new.  I've spent several hours trying to get financial files, itunes etc onto this computer.  Grrrr.

4. I'm going to buy a MacBook.  Soon.

5. I'm making great progress on the Earth Stripe Wrap.  Only 45cm to go.  I don't seem to be dipping into the second balls of yarn called for in the pattern.  Not sure what's up with that.

6. New fridge arrived.  Food is cold.  We are happy.

7. I started sewing in the zipper for Roam.  It will be slow going because I hate sewing.  Hate. It.

8. I love my Roam so it's all worth it.

9. No pictures because all time is spent on computer trying to fix other things.  Soon it will be better (right?)


hey, I was going to email you to tell you that there was a big price drop on the Macbooks! I ordered my new one last week, and with the education savings (uh...sure, I'm a student) it was only $1249 (plus tax, of course).

I hope it gets here tomorrow. Then I'm going to sew an awesome laptop sleeve, in all my spare time...

Having a computer die is remarkably disruptive. Funny. A few years ago we didn't even own a computer. Now we have five, and there are only four of us in the family--and two are under the age of 12.

I have a mini Mac. Love it. I miss the PC in certain instances but I my life will not end if I don't have one. You'll love the Mac.

Doesn't sewing suck?

I just got a MacBook pro this weekend and I love it! My old Powerbook that is 8 years old is still running fine (if a little clunky) as my boyfriend's portable computer.

A MacBook - that'll be nice! And cold food, that's always good too.

Sorry to hear about your laptop. I bet it is nice to have a new fridge though!

I'm just finishing up "Purity" from the current Rowan book -- it calls for 3 balls KS Night, and 3 of KSH (different colour edging).

I'll easily finish the edging without breaking into the third ball, in fact I'll have a goodly amount left over from the other two balls -- but I didn't want to work in ends on the edging when I would break into the second ball anyway.

How frustrating. I hate computer problems. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Roam. Love its colours.

Sorry about your computer dying but YAY for the opportunity to get a new Macbook! I *love* my Macbook and plan to get a Macbook Pro sometime.

When in Roam, do as the Roamans...

When in Roam, do as the Roamans...

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