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Weather Report

Friday night the snow started.  It was sorta pretty and in Toronto it was melting when it hit the road.  We (somewhat foolishly) decided to hit the road too and drove to Tweed.  It took a long time but we arrived safely and I didn't have the stroke that it felt like I was having when we passed the big trucks.

It was a good thing we left Friday, because we certainly couldn't have left Saturday when the Mother of the first storm struck.

The cottage windows usually provide a gorgeous panoramic view of the lake.  This is what we saw for most of Saturday (I put the tree in the photo so you would think I just took a picture of a white piece of paper):



This is what it looked like this morning:


I haven't checked to see how  much snow we got, because in March any snow is too much snow.

The good news was that I was inside with a warm fire working on my Vinterblomster mittens. 


It was a long storm.


Wow, your Vinterblomster mitten is really coming along! Sometimes it is nice to be snowed in.

Hey, if we beat the (Toronto) snowfall record it'll all be worth it. And we're within 12cm of the 208 needed to beat the winter of '38/'39 high-snow mark!


I don't know how many centimeters of snow we got in the Niagara area, but it was a lot!!! The town had all available vehicles out plowing, and the front loader that did our street did a great job, but we had to shovel out the cars this morning so we could actually use it. The sun is gorgeous today, but it's still very cold here, minus ten or so. I'm glad you got where you wanted to go safely! Saturday would have been horrid!

Those colors look beautiful together in that mitten. I love it!

The mitten is gorgeous! I love the colors. Good choices.

It is fun to see other knit Vinterblomster mittens. It looks really great! Beautiful colours!

I completely agree...any snow is too much!

They're beautiful!! I love the aqua with grey after all.

Oh, I love the mittens. They look great!

That mitten looks great! (And you didn't *have* to include the tree along with the porch and chair...)

I'm loving your mitten!

That is adorable!

I hate to tell you that it was 75 F here yesterday. But I will anyway. ;)

They look great! I couldn't picture the colors together, but it is awesome!

Beautiful mittens.

Sorry about the snow. Glad it didn't ruin your trip. Those colours are exactly what I used for a fair isle bunting for my baby boy (17 years ago). I still have some of the Eaton's wool.

I love those colours, they look so nice together.

We're starting to feel sorry for you 'city' folks. That is a lot of snow.

Guess you don't want to know what it's been like here eh?

Nice color choices!

Those mittens are fantastic! I wish I could knit, but I'm all thumbs at it.

We shoveled three times this weekend. At least the kid thinks it is a fun activity!

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