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Must Knit Faster

Earth Stripe Wrap Complete!

DSC00189, originally uploaded by Dr. Steph.

It is:    Beautiful.
It is:    Soft.


Knitting this wasn't so much a technical challenge, as an act of persistence. So many colour changes, so many ends, so long. The fringing, which I love, took two evenings.

It is warm, soft and very elegant. I wore it to work Thursday and got exactly the reaction I wanted from knitters (Hi Erin) and non-knitters alike.

Part of this cold rainy weekend will be spent with this on. Sorry I didn't model, all the photos Emma took were really blurry (note to self: camera phone not good. Buy a battery of real camera.)

And yes, Emma love it (she is my daughter afterall). She's going to have to knit her own.



Oh, it's gorgeous! Definitely an act of persistence to weave in all those ends. Yikes! But so worth the trouble.

Congrats on your persistence. I will never, ever make one so I will just admire yours. :)

GORGEOUS! I love it!

I totally want to wrap myself up in that while I drink tea and read a good book. Beautiful!

Wow. WOW. That is totally gorgeous and is making me want to run out and buy a million different colours of kidsilk haze right now...

Beautiful! Emma looks like a little Earth Stripe eskimo all wrapped up in this (with it wrapped over her head).

It certainly looks worth the effort and your daughter does look very cute in it (I get the same shaky photos from my daughter's picture taking too)!

It is gorgeous! I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. It was worth all the effort.

Beautiful! And I kind of get what you're saying about the super model/spokesperson piece.

So beautiful. And worth all the effort with the (never-ending) ends.

cosy and beautiful :-)


I know what you mean about the daughter picture taking - I have sifted through reams of fascinating wide-angle shots of my nose that contain incidental fragments of the garment in question.

The lovely Emma looks like a darling young babushka with that scarf wrapped around her head.

What a beautiful scarf Steph. You have a lot more patience than I when it comes to sewing in all those 'bits'.

How does it look with your winter coat?

I LOVE that first picture of Emma wrapped up in your absolutely stunning Earth Shawl. She looks like a nesting doll. (I also love all the "Emma looks like..." comments. hee!)

It's gorgeous! I'm seriously jealous.

That is so beautiful! The colors, the shape and size, just perfect! (I realize it must have had a million and a half ends to weave in, which makes it all the more special!)

So pretty! And Emma looks so cute!!!! :-)

Wow! It's lovely - great modeling, Emma : )

Total success. I may not have been jelous of the effort, but I am of the finished product- do I follow the leader?

okay, that top picture just makes me smile... emma's got such a great smile.

the earth stripe wrap is lovely!

So, I looked at the first picture and thought....hmm, has she shrunk?

Oh right. Emma!

That is very beautiful and a great accomplishment.

Just beautiful!!! I have the yarn for this stashed and yours is inspiration.

Emma looks great modeling it.

Love it! It looks to be very comfy cozy. But I wount be doin all that color changing - I'd definitle do it in Noro and hope for some good changes

It's beautiful!! The colors are so absolutely gorgeous. I bet you'll have it for years to come.

Yummy! I wish I had the patience...Finishing lizard ridge has been a year long ordeal. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

Soooooo beautiful -- in photos and in person!

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