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Must Knit Faster

Reading Claudia's Blog over the years has taught me many things, most notably:
a) To embrace my inner orange
b) That you can knit for both product and process
c) Biking is the way to go
d) If you knit one thing at a time, you get sweaters (and usually faster).

I like knitting as a process, but I also love knitted stuff for wearing. Ever since I tried on Laura Chau's Vino at the Knitter's Frolic, I knew I wanted one. A generous gift from some of my favourite knitters last spring sealed the deal and once I decided on a colour of Dream in Colour yarn, I was ready to go (It wasn't the fastest decision, sure, but it was worth the wait).

Once I started, the sleeves flew off the needles. Here they are almost finished.

Vino sleeves

I love the November Muse colour which is rich and really complicated when you look at it up close; there are greenish, bluish and grey tones in it too.

I started the back (the BIG piece) on the weekend and it's going quickly, if the back of a knee-length garment can be said to go quickly.

Vino back

Being realistic about this, I'm faced with a dilemma. If I knit this almost exclusively (it's not portable, so I might have a smaller thing on the go too so I can knit on the go) I might be done in a month. Especially if I neglect my already neglected yard, partially renovated bathroom (a story for another day), the garage and that stairway project I started way back when.

However, I probably won't neglect those things, and will finish Vino sometime in late June or later, and it'll be too warm to wear it.

So do I persist, which I suspect Claudia would do or cast on a nice truly summery sweater?

I really need to start planning my knitting around the seasons a bit more if I want new stuff to wear when the weather changes.


Looks awesome - but dude, it's Chau with a 'u'.

I vote carry on! I'm planning to wear mine as a jacket once it warms up a touch.

I say keep plugging. You won't want to knit it when it's hot, so finish before then. And hey, if you knit warm things in the summer and light things in the winter, there's a lot less pressure to finish!

Keep working on Vino AND cast on something new!

I made a Vino in Malabrigo, and I love it. It knitted up really fast--much faster than the average pullover.

I vote for plugging onwards. I myself spend far too much time flitting from project to project and while I get a lot of knitting done, nothing seems to get you say, process and product go well together.

I'm with Molly. You won't want to knit a big heavy sweater in the summer. So keep chugging along. Stop when it gets too hot to keep going and start something small and light (=summer sweater AND quicker knit). Return to it when it starts getting cooler in the evenings and you'll have a fabulous new sweater for fall.

I would knit on it until it got too warm to comfortably work on (though if you finish in the next month, that probably won't be a huge problem).

I have a hard time remembering to get back to sweaters that I put aside for heat, so I would take the best picture I could of the sweater pieces and one of the finished project and clip it to a calendar in mid-late fall. If you set it aside, it will be easy to forget about no matter how much you want to wear it.

Keep on going. That other stuff can wait until Mother's day can't it?

Always wondered what happened to your stair project??? Now I know.

I say screw the seasons and knit onward! I find that if I let a project sit for too long because I start something else the urge to finish it is taken over by the urge to frog it :)

Keep going. Think how great it'll feel to be ahead of the seasons come fall!

The color, she is beautiful. I must have it. And that Anmiryam, she makes me laugh.

You are a funny girl.


When your hands start sweating while knitting (when would that be in Toronto?) cast on a little tank top or something. If your Vino is mostly done when you pick it up again in September, you'll be wearing it for all the sheeps and wools. Perfect!

I knit mine the same way - once the decreases are done it goes way fast. It's a perfect spring/fall coat because dream in colour is suuuuuuuper warm.

i love my vino

i'm just happy to see the november muse color being knit up. it's in my stash :-)

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