The beginning of the ends

Socks and Stoles

I finished Emma's Socks a week or so ago and they fit (for now). She loves them. I'm very pleased with them too. I have chosen not to cast on a new pair (as is my custom) and see how life is without socks on the needles. I'm thinking the Ribbon Lace scarf might be a good alternative. Vino is my travel knitting right now (I promise to introduce you to it properly soon), but that will get too big soon.

Emma's Socks

When I do find time to knit, I'm all about the Earth Stripe Wrap. On the weekend I finished the called-for 148cm and discovered that it's too short to throw over one shoulder in that jaunty way that says I look fantastic . Shit. So, I trudge onwards to do another 20ish cm. I have about 2.5cm to go and that's my plan for tonight--tv, KSH, coca-cola and all dressed chips (or maybe a spicy tuna roll...).

Here it is at the almost completed mark.

So many ends

Notice those fuzzy things? That'd be the ends. All the ones started on the right side are woven in and just need trimming. But the other side says: "You ain't anywhere near done this puppy yet, bitch."


Sigh. Maybe I can get Craig to take me for a beer on a patio on a not-quite warm enough night and I can do that jaunty thing.


I am a huge fan of your Earth Stripe Wrap. It is getting so close!

I've been admiring the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty too. If I wasn't so bogged down with obligatory gift knits right now I would start one. Is it time to start being selfish yet?

So, it may be a little late to mention this, but a woman I knit with just finished hers--with no ends at all. When she got to the first color change, she knitted to the end of the row, tinked out enough stitches to spit spice, measured the length of the end, and then spit-spliced the old color with the new color. At each color change, she cut off the pre-measured amount of yarn and spit spliced the end of the old color with the new color. This way, each of her colors made it to the end of the row, and she had no ends to weave in. I was wicked impressed. (She also made hers significantly wider than the pattern for a more shawl-like wrap--and finished it in a couple of weeks. My envy knows no bounds.)

I wish I were a better person than this. But when I look at the ends on that pretty stole, I think "better you than me."

I know - so many of my winter knits languish into spring, losing momentum as the days lengthen - one of the few reasons to be thank goodness for these interminable Canadian winters! Even in June, one can usually count on a few wool-appropriate evenings.

I am loving my ribbon lace scarf as a mindless alternative to socks.

I have a sweater with what feels like that many ends to weave in. There are reasons it is not finished.

I wish you luck with weaving all of those in. Maybe you can convince some friends to help you out and have a weaving ends in party.

Love those colours. Yummy!

Am so awaiting the finish of this striped beauty! I was taken with the scarf - but shied away from stockinette - the edges roll. Will see how yours turns out - and then maybe -cast on!

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