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Bike Lane On Bloor!

TO: Paula Fletcher

CC: Mayor Miller, Case Ootes, Kyle Rae, Adrian Heaps, Glenn deBaeremaeker

RE: TEYCC 16.26 Bloor Transformation Project

As a resident in your ward who bikes from Jones ave across Bloor/Danforth to my job at the University of Toronto, I've been watching the changes planned for the Bloor St. redevelopment between Yonge and University.  The plan to NOT include bike lanes (and from the drawings, even ring posts) is deplorable.  Traffic conditions along that stretch are very perilous for cyclists and I feel the City is missing out on a perfect opportunity to encourage active/green transportation by facilitating both pedestrian and bicycle traffic along Bloor St.  Just as buildings implement changes to encourage accessibility for people with disabilities, the City must endeavour to encourage bicycle traffic on our streets; bike lanes are integral to this strategy and their omission on the Bloor St redevelopment merely cements the primacy of the automobile for transportation.
I urge you to INSIST that a bike lane on Bloor be part of any redevelopment.  It was first proposed in 1992; 16 years is too long a wait.
Bloor Bike Lane Design 


Want more info?  Google Bike Lanes on Bloor, or visit Take the Tooker.  The vote is Monday June 23; let your councillor know how you feel!


Well said. Too bad it needs to be said. What kind of idiots would not be thinking about alternative transportation when they are bitching about the price of gas. Idiots.

By the way, Mat used to know a guy who cycled in London with his D-ring lock on his arm. When the cars got too close he just swung it around a bit. Very effective. And the Ontario Ministry of Transportation says that bikes should cycle a metre from the curb. If that is further out than you cycle now, move out into traffic a bit. If they have to think to pass you, that's better and if they go anyway, you have a metre to duck into. Still scary, though.

Yeah, I have to say that Toronto is just terrible for cyclists. I was an avid cyclist when I lived in Ottawa, which has loads of bike paths everywhere, but a few years of trying to commute regularly by bike here was enough to make me put my bike into storage.

Of course, that was partly due to the crappy drivers here too...

As the daughter of someone who has been trying to work with the city for the past five years or so to get the wheels in motion to build a new church for an existing parish, I can tell you that:

- the city is staffed with many morons;
- the morons are incredibly short-sighted;
- the morons are more concerned with demonstrating that they have a teensy bit of power than with actually getting things done;
- the morons do not, shall we say, possess an abundance of common sense.

Best of luck with the bike lane campaign. Sadly, I am too jaded by this point by my mom's experiences to be very optimistic. (I'd complain to my councillor, but I'm in York Region.)

What I don't understand is why they don't institute a tax for motor drivers like they do in London, England. It's a tax grab and it would reduce the crap/smog. Last time I was in T.O. I had to stay indoors most of the time because I came down with a nasty case of sun poisoning. I had to wear taped socks on my hands because I was scratching so much. Also, the smog was so bad some days that I really wished I had a hazmat mask on. Felt like I was running a marathon, constantly. Can't believe I used to live right downtown.

Don't the electrical bikes also qualify as bikes there? Very shortsighted of them not to plan for this. Didn't Jack Layton used to cycle back and forth to work?

Good luck. Sorry for the verbal squirt.

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