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From Oh so bad To So much better

It's 8ish am and I'm justing popping downstairs to throw in some laundry before taking the kids to school.  I'm working at home today and think of how comfy I am in my favourite ratty pants and Police concert shirt.  Then I notice water on the basement floor and realize that my grand plan to soak Emma's dirty sweatshirt sleeves (but not the whole shirt) turned the rest of the sweatshirt into a giant wick that sucked all the water out of the basin and onto the floor.

As I roll the dehumidifier into the laundry room it hits a bump in the concrete and I watch the almost full reservoir of water tip out of the machine and all over the floor. 

Today is not going so well.

Many towels later I am out the door with the kids on a nice ride to school.  I get home and water the front garden (under development; pictures later).  I plant our new holly tree.  When I go to water it, the nifty new spray gun untwists just enough that I get completely sprayed.

I need coffee.  Stat. 

At least my work is moving along.  It was really boring, unchallenging stuff that last few weeks, but now some new data on faculty job satisfaction has come in (I know, very geeky) and I get to play.  Except the interface for one set is a bit clunky over the VPN.  But this means I can blog while it churns.

Cautiously optimistic that things will improve.

Canada Post truck stops in front of my house.  Ding!

My new Danskos, sent through my shoe fairy Rosemary arrive.  Brown latigo Marcelles; sadly discontinued.  I love them.  I don't wear shoes much in the summer (only sandals), but come Fall these will be great (especially with my Vino coat--more on the that in another post). 

New Danskos

Shoes are always good for elevating my mood.

And Rosemary sent presents.


Two skeins of laceweight from Handpainted yarns.  The colours are gorgeous!  Thanks Rosemary!  

The day is looking up.  I'll just stay away from water.


It's amazing how one package can turn your day around, isn't it? I love your new shoes. I am not a shoe person myself but I think it could be about time to go shopping.

They look great on you! And I can't wait to see what you weave with the yarn. :)

Those shoes are VERY cute.

I love getting things in the mail. It doesn't seem to happen much anymore though!
It's a shame those shoes are discontinued - they're so cute!

Great shoes. Doesnt' the yarn match? If I were you I would waterproof them right now.

I've been sitting on a couple of skeins of Handpainted laceweight (two different colourways) that I don't know what to do with. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with yours! :)

i have a pair of red Marcelles that i love love love. do enjoy yours.

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