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Bike Lane On Bloor!

I love living in Toronto

Jacqui and I are soooo excited, originally uploaded by Dr. Steph.

About half way through Saturday I came to a realization: Toronto is the place to be if you're a knitter. I don't think I could ever leave.  I forget that not everyone has such a great community of knitters and knitterly things going on (all the time).  I am very thankful.  So much so that I couldn't take anything but a silly picture of Jacquie and myself.

So what brought this on?  Well...

Friday night I went to a Knitty Yarn Tasting at the Purple Purl (my neighbourhood LYS) which was fun.  You get to knit with 4 yarns and rate them.  See what others have done here.  

June Yarn Tasting

New yarn, lots of knitters, rocky road bars and coffee--what's not to like?
Saturday morning I was at Lettuce Knit by 10am to be a helper for the 1000 Knitters shoot. 

1000 Knitters Shoot

I got my photo done, and then served as "Prize Mistress" for most of the day which involved giving away fabulous prizes from Yarn Harlot and Franklin all day.  Here's co-Prize Mistress Kim getting her photo done with Franklin (who is delightfully charming).

Franklin and Kim

It was a very fun day and I met a whole bunch of new to me knitters and ate a lot of baked goods brought over to celebrate Stephanie's 40th birthday.  I also got to spend a whole lot of fun time with Juno, which I only do a few times a year.  I was super silly and didn't get a photo of her though.  I'll try to remember at Rhinebeck.

That evening I spent more quality time super-fantastic knitters on a perfect summer night, on a patio with yummy beer. 

This is how knitters party

Franklin was there and many other knitters/friends (that's Denny and Ken--go see what Ken is doing, it's good and important and he's awesome) and it was totally fun.  We didn't get home until 2am.

Me and Rams!

I spent lots of time talking with Rams (professional commentor and sock yarn spinner extraordinaire) about yarn and politics, lauded Rachel H. for her absolutely fantastic event organizer skills (she and Steph ensured the 1000 Knitters shoot went perfectly; they were awesome!), watched Denny spindle (is that a verb?), was Malabrigo lace buddies with Molly and worked hard to placate a not-so-happy Fenner while Mamma was detained (see how happy she is back with Mom?). 


Craig got nicely lubricated and we (thanks Denny!) broke the news that I ordered a loom and all was good (he wasn't so enthusiastic about my new fibre obsession; but all the knitters who found him "fun" greased the wheels a bit-- I think!)   He may even started to understand the world of knitters a bit more (okay, that might be too optimistic).

Weirdly, I was in two yarn shops and didn't buy any yarn.  I need to get that looked at.

Toronto.  Knitters.  It's all good.


Oh, what fun!

When we were in Jamaica last year, we met a couple from Toronto. I may have gushed a little too much about my fantasy of moving from San Diego to the knitter's paradise that is Toronto, because they looked at me like I was a few cards short of a deck and changed tables at dinner. I guess they weren't knitters.

You are very lucky to live in such a vibrant knitting community! It does seem to be a knitter's paradise.

It really is good, isn't it? You were amazing on Saturday. Thank you so much for your help.

I think you summed the weekend up quite nicely!

And you rocked the prize giveaway!Woooot!

I wish I lived there too!

What Claudia said. Only in French. ;-)

Two yarn shops in two days and no yarn? You might need to check your temperature, that sounds like a serious illness!

I wish I could have been there! And yes, Toronto sounds like a very good place to live indeed.

oh an now so i gotta build shed to keep loom in? well guess better get started.

That does it, I'm definitely moving to Toronto.

It was a blast to see you. Stephanie THINKS I come to TO to see her, but WE know the truth (actually it was all an elaborate scheme to get to play with Fenner).

And Craig IS fun.

You were a fantastic prize mistress and I'm incredibly happy we got to hang out.

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