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Progress, about which I will take no credit

Life on the Cheque

I have some cool friends.  Doing some great works of activism in their communities.  I confess that I feel like my own path as an activist (something I was very into in my middle-twenties) has really stopped and while I write a lot about politics and social issues, I don't feel like I do much but contribute money and promote the works of others. 

But since changing what I do takes both time and the energy to do it (something I'm not feeling I have right now), I will continue to promote the good works of my friends and colleagues so at least I'm doing something.

Elaine Power is a woman I met after I boldly sent her an email after hearing her speak about food security issues on the CBC.  She was on a teaching contract at U of T the same time I was a grad student and she introduced me to some other fabulous students and researchers who were interested in public health issues and it really helped me overcome the isolation I felt as a new mother working on a PhD.  Beer and Theory became one of the highlights of my week and I could not have finished without all their support and enthusiasm.

Elaine is now an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen's University and is the midst of producing a documentary about "Life on the Cheque" about six mothers living in poverty in Kingston Ontario.  I think film can be a powerful medium to comment and critique issues of the day and as someone who loves film I'm very excited to see Elaine mixing her academic work and community activism using this medium.

There are some really neat things happening on the site where Elaine showcases the film-in-production.  Have a look.  Provide support.  Spread the word.


Hmmm Do I relate !!!
My mom left my father - who i believe may have suffered from maniaco depressive disorder.. She found herself alone with 3 kids and debt and had to claim welfare. She was such a proud women.. She waitressed back then and try to make sure we would walk tall (2 girls, one boy)and be proud of ourselves. She sewed for us and was very happy when I entered university.. I can tell coming from very modest background that my boyfriend and I overcame what the path was leading us toward then.. And when I look at my 15-yr old daugther, in private school today, musician, bilingual, etc.. we have come a long way baby !!!

Please don't underestimate the contribution you make by writing about political and social issues. Not everyone can be on the front lines. I'll bet that you've enlightened lots of people with your writing, maybe even spurring a couple to action. You're still in the fight!

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