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We live in a classic Toronto semi-detached home.  There is no driveway in the front, though we're fortunate to have a place to park in the back through a laneway which goes behind our house (this is also very common in downtown Toronto). 

Our house came with a garage (officially 2 car, but not really) but it was OLD and the door was actually two reclaimed single car doors bolted together and it was rickety and our mini-van was too tall to fit inside it.  So we parked on the street. 

Eventually the door stopped opening and we had to nail it shut (because it could fall on people--not a good thing).  That meant we had to take our bikes through the yard and down the front steps.  Not fun to do everyday.  And parking on the street is always a challenge since lots of other people have to do that too and you are not guaranteed a spot close to your house.  So the garage had to go.

Craig and his Dad got to work last week.  In 3 days it was down.


And hauled away.


As you might notice (I don't have photos of the garage intact, though you can see a bit of it here) the garage took up the entire width of our backyard.  It's very weird not to have it there and being able to see the back lane.  We're feeling a bit exposed.  But we can park and now our lot has a lot of POTENTIAL and this is a good thing.

Initially we thought of rebuilding, but for various boring reasons we're not doing that this year.

The plan is to continue the fence along the garage on the left (for obvious reasons--that garage is in worse shape than our was) and then build a super-shed on the right.  It will be 8 by 13, with a shed roof 12ft tall on one side by 10 feet on the other.  This will give us a storage loft for things like camping equipment and sports stuff and various other things to help free up room in the basement.  Claudia and the other bikes (in my living room and basement) will be in there and all the stuff that's piled in the backyard right now.


We'll also have a large gate attached between the fence and shed to block our yard from the laneway and still maintain two parking spaced.  The lumber is coming today and I get to play assistant while Craig starts building this weekend.  We have plans for the yard too, but I'm not giving that away just yet.


I think I understand your plan. Living as I do in a snow-free area, I'm trying to picture how you will park there once it snows if there is no cover over the spaces. Are you going to build a carport or just shovel a lot?

I see the potential for a vegetable garden.


Oooohhh, so much potential - you must be so excited with the possibilities!

And maybe you'll start a trend with your neighbors??

Wow, that is a big project. It sounds wonderful and I am sure it will be a huge improvement. Just to have the extra storage would be great. I love home improvement. Good luck with the building and let us know how it turns out!

Will be watching to see your progress. I love do-it-yourself projects!

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