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Found my Fall Must-Have Sweater

While I'm in no way ready for Fall to actually arrive, I have been thinking about what to make for the prime sweater-wearing season.  I have two main criteria in mind: something I can wear to work and something which uses stash yarn.

Linden was in the running and so was Bonnie.  (Isn't the Twist Collective Zine great?!).  I have yarn for both in the stash; Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Ash and Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in a beautiful blue repectively.  But both of those are more cavorting-in-the-leaves sweaters.  I will probably make both of them, but not right now.

This is the sweater I need to make.  Baby Cables and Big Ones Too.  It's the feminine version of Cobblestone.  I love that it's dk, I love the little cables.  I love it all.  And, I have some Zara in a pretty Stone colour that will work perfectly.

I'm trying hard not to start it right away though, I have a few things in the work basket that I should pay attention to.  I've been working on my second Vinterblomster mitten since I finished Hip in Hemp (thanks for all the comments, I LOVE this skirt, it wears great), and I need to assemble Vino so I have it to wear this Autumn.  I've also been neglecting my poor Bohus, Grey Mist, which is another good work piece.  I need to take it out, establish where I left off (I keep saying I will take better notes, and never do), and get to work on it.  It's only plain stockinette, nothing more complicated than knitting socks, and still relatively portable.  It's time to get to it.

I did pull the Zara out of the stash last night though and printed and read through the pattern.  I just want one of those three things finished before I get right into this new one.


Cavorting-in-the-leaves sweaters! That's exactly what I'm always attracted to--probably because we don't actually have leaves here, unless you count palm fronds. But that last one is probably more work-friendly. I've been considering the possibility of a going-to-court sweater myself. That might just be a bit beyond the pale, though.

Did you see Wisteria from the same zine? (tried to link it below.) Very similar to the one you want to make. Not sure which I like better!

Funny, I was looking at the same sweater last night, thinking the same thing and doing a mental stash search...

OMG. Can I copy you? I LOVE THAT pattern. What, am I dead to the knit world? I know nothing.

Wow, thanks for posting the link to that sweater! I hadn't seen it yet but I absolutely NEED IT! Already downloaded the pattern . . . now to hold off on starting it until after our move next week! ;o)

That's a very cute pattern.

Love that Bonnie. I'm all for the assymmetric. Also that baby/big cables one - I hadn't seen that. Hmmm...

I love it! You should cast on immediately. I am adding it to my queue right now. I especially like the fact that it is seamless and knit in the round.

I wondered if you'd seen that! I've been waiting for that pattern to come out for a while, and was thrilled to see a few days ago that it was ready...bought it right away. Of course, I have a few husbandly sweaters to finish first...or at least one husbandly sweater...

Man, I hate being virtuous.

I love that pattern too! I keep coming back to it in my queue... Fall must be coming: my knit craving is BACK.

I love that pattern too! I keep coming back to it in my queue... Fall must be coming: my knit craving is BACK.

That sweater is fabulous! I just ordered the pattern. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link to Baby Cables and Big Ones, Too. GREAT pattern! I hadn't seen it before and saved it to my favorites.

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