Should I...
Is it lunch yet?

Happy, Happy, Hip in Hempy

What might this be?


Woohoo! It's done and I'm Hip in Hemp.


While it's a bit shorter than the pattern said it would be, it's the perfect length for me and the fit is great.


I put the elastic in after I finished (the alternate instructions are found here on Ravelry) and it fits very nicely (I'm not showing you my middle, just believe me). It's soft, funky and I wore it to work.

It looks quite Missoni and one co-worker said it didn't look knitted; I took that as a compliment.


My front garden looks pretty good too eh? It was a tiny front lawn before we dug it up and planted stuff. It's a work in progress for us new gardeners--I see lots of groundcover like periwinkles, thyme and violets. Stuff I don't have mow.

PS: I went to Lettuce Knit last night.  I can paint next week when the kids go to my Mom's.


Skirt looks great. Just added it to my ravelry queue.

That looks great! You might have sold me on the whole knitted skirt idea. :-)

It's so cute, I love it. And it looks great on you. Nice outfit too!

great skirt. And great decision. Painting can wait.

It's lovely! Nice work. Wear it in good health!

It's adorable!

Very hip! The fit looks great. And I'll take your word about the waistline. :)

You know, it really is very Missoni! It turned out great!

Looks great! I'm glad you went to Lettuce Knit and will get to do painting next week. Good work on getting to do both!

Looks awesome. Perfect fit.

Very nicely done. I can see you love it.

it is lovely

It looks great, and really,really is some of my favourite colours. I won't knit it though, because that would just lead to another of those wardrobe "incidents" you and I keep having.

You are so hip. I'm jealous of how it flatters your hips. I'm not in the knitted skirt gene pool. I hope you wear it lots.

Yay! It looks great!

(Nice basil, too!)

Oooh, lovely!

your basil looks fabulous! i recommend pinching off the top 1/2 or so above a leaf branch, and it'll branch out. also, if you don't do that, at least pinch off all the flower buds i see starting to come out. they go from sweet to bitter as soon as the flowers start coming out! plus, pinching gives you lots more! ummmmm... pesto tonight?!

Love your skirt and your front yard. Looks like you were busy everywhere. The skirt is really nice and I love the colors...Rowena

whoot! You look great in that skirt!

That looks really nice. I haven't really seen the hemp yarn locally, but it was definitely something I wanted to try.

this might sound bad, but that skirt looks so much better than i thought it would! i was skeptical - thought it might be too drape-y - but it looks fabulous!!! good eye :)

Very nice! I don't usually like skirts, but I'm tempted to knit this one up after seeing how wonderful it looks on you. Congrats!

Wonderful job and it looks great on you!

Very hip. It looks great!

very cute!!!

Wow - looks marvelous. And those sandals are the perfect match.

Wow, this looks beautiful, Steph!!

Wow! that is seriously adorable -- I get the Missoni vibe, yes... :)

Superb skirt; great colours. And it makes you even sexier.

P.S. I'm not your only male reader, am I?

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