Found my Fall Must-Have Sweater
Vino is done! Here's a crappy post about it...

Randomness, 1 day early

Sorry to be away so long.  I've just been doing stuff and more stuff in no particular order:

1. Stairs are painted.  We need to use alkyd paint.  It takes a long time to dry.  No photos yet because decorative mouldings need to be installed (they add some oomph to the stairs and hide the lines where we change colour).  I'm pleased with the results.

2. Saw TWO movies last week.  Tropic Thunder which moved between purile 14-year-old boy humour (which I have a soft spot for) and really funny Vietnam War Movie Satire.  Robert Downey Jr. is my new fantasy boyfriend.  He is awesome in this movie.  Then Hamlet 2 (read the url, hilarious). Cute, indie, funny for the most part.  Can't get Rock Me Sexy Jesus out of my head (WARNING: LINK IS A SPOILER CONTAINS SCENES FROM THE MOVIE).   Both movies had Steve Coogan

3. More movies in my future.  The Toronto International Film Festival opens next week.  How many zombie movies will I see?  Will I get tickets to Burn After Reading (new Coen Bros.!) or will I have to see it when it goes into wide release (didn't get to see No Country for Old Men at the festival last year).  Will I see so many movies that I'll be too tired at work? (I have 15 tickets but will share with Craig.)  Stay tuned.

4. I dug Grey Mist out of the bag and got knitting.  Only about 8 rows before I divide the sleeves and body.  Woohoo!

5. I dug Vino out and will start seaming next chance I get.  Not sure when that will be.

6. I need to ensure that 4000 envelopes are stuffed and delivered by next week.  So far we have printing issues, and no one can find the folding machine.  It is starting to affect my sleep.  This is ridiculous.  I just want it done already.  No, I'm not actually planning to do the stuffing, but will if it becomes necessary.  Crap.

7. I am not ready for the beginning of school next week.  Neither are the kids. 

8. I don't feel like working today.  I need more coffee.

9. I haven't swatched for Baby Cables yet.  I feel very saintly.  This will likely pass.


Umm... there used to be a folding machine in the photocopier room in the physics building? I think so, I have this memory of seeing this machine and asking what it was for. That's all I know.

Wow, you have been busy. Grey Mist is a beauty. I am glad to hear that it is back in the knitting rotation.

I must say that Robert Downey played a funny black man. *lol*

I just read an article on him in Rolling Stone magazine. Dude is a bit weird. But I guess I'm not surprised. I'd still have his babies. ;D

Color me green with envy if you get to see the Coen brothers' movie. I am planning to see it ASAP it comes out.

You have two children, right? Folding and stuffing problem solved. Mine were put to work at such jobs several times during their [horrific, abuse-riddled] childhoods.

Why are you sending letters made of paper? That's so first millennium.

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