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Should I...

Go to Lettuce Knit for Wednesday knit night (and pick up my new reeds)


Go home and finish painting my stairs?

Context:  I've been working on the stairs for almost a year (well, not faithfully, I've probably only spent a month of evenings on them, maybe less).  They used to look like this and that runner was pure dirt (so disgusting).  After the carpet was removed they looked like this and I stripped off all the gook and glue and gook and stuff and they've been bare wood since the spring.  I've been home alone all week and spent my evenings washing, sanding, and priming and I could put the first coat on all the steps before people come back home tomorrow. 

I'm not sure of the consequences if I don't since they will probably need to be swept before I do the other 2-3 coats anyway since we need to use the stairs to get to the bedrooms and bathroom (we have a second powder room in the basement so it's not super inconvenient, though I don't fancy camping in the living room).  The trick is to avoid having to do the super clean on them again before I do more coats.

I also plan to paint the banister and post, but that isn't so important because we don't walk on it.

The other rub:  Right now I'm using leftover trim paint in a colour I love (Benjamin Moore Natural Linen) and am painting the entire step--easy (I'll need more paint so I can do a higher gloss for the next coat(s)).  I wanted to do something like this, which involves painting the treads a super-dark brown--way less easy.  Cutting in along the wall for every step is totally masochistic right? 

Of course, I could go to LK for a couple of hours, go home and paint myself up the stairs so they could dry over night. 

I think even 3 days alone is too much; I'm talking crazy.


I'd go and knit for a bit and then paint. Painting can be pretty soothing in the quiet hours, and as long as it has enough time to dry so you don't walk on wet paint in the morning you should be fine.

set a goal: do the stairs for maybe 2 hours, then spend the rest of the night knitting! works for me. it doesn't have to be an either or.

better you than me!

I think the crazy talk means that you need to get out of the house and go to knit night. :)

Easy - go knit, then paint. Get everything in on the evening - that's my motto ;)

I hope you went to Knit Night.

Tough choice.

when I did ours this spring I painted them in sections at first painting every other stair for 4 nights in a row and then on the last night I painted the whole set before bed and kicked the cats out for the night, it worked well ( 3 coats)- well except for the one cat who never came back but that is a different story altogether that I imagine had something to do with a coyote
good luck

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