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In the knitting basket



I haven't really be hiding, but it feels that way.  I caught some sort of bad cold/possibly flu virus that knocked me on my ass for a few days, including Tuesday when I was too sick to pick up the needles and knit anything.  Wednesday I was wearing a nice groove into the couch, watching daytime tv (Law & Order re-runs) and got to work on my Vinterblomster mittens.

I went back to work Thursday which proceeded to kick my ass in a whole different way which is why I'm not blogging about my snazzy new mittens until now. 

Oh, except for another reason.  These are the mittens fresh off the needles.  Notice anything?


It might be because I knit the first one six months ago during a very stressful time and the second one in bits and bobs, ending hopped up on cold medicine, but whatever the cause, the result is the second mitten is bigger than the first, which was already a bit bigger than I wanted.

I figured I would try some interventions instead of trying to reknit them.  First, I wet the big mitten and dried it slowly and carefully in the dryer.  It worked well and it shrunk to the same size as the first mitten.  For a day.  When I wore it, it grew back to its original side.

So I went for drastic measures.

Since both mittens were a bit big, I threw them in the wash and felted them.  Not a total, no stitch definition felting, but a light fulling. 


The mittens shrank nicely, are about the same size (the big one is still a bit longer) and I got me some warm, pretty mittens.



How pretty! Good thinking with the felting!

They look great, and I bet they're even warmer for the fulling!

I think they look better fulled anyway. Nice mittens, lady!

Those look fabulous! Great job!

Yeah! They're lovely. Great work. They look toasty warm.

kudos for the creativity in making those rocking gloves and for figuring out how to turn a flaw into a design feature!!!

I think the felting will also be a bit of a wind barrier, which is no bad thing. They look great. Glad to hear the evil virus thing is gone.

I have no idea how people get mits to be the same size. Every pair of mits I've ever made with colour work have been slightly different sizes. I will have to try your felting trick next time.

There is nothing I love more than a happy fulling story. Cute mittens! Just in time.

Love them!

What a clever solution - it looks great!

They look terrific, and the fulling will only make them warmer! Sorry you've been sick and otherwise stressed; here's hoping things get better. :)

Lovely new mittens!

Those are really cute! I like how cozy they look with the fulling (and if you hadn't said anything I probably wouldn't have noticed)!

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