Holiday Goals, Part 2: 60km

Holiday Goals, Part 1: My Mii is Rather Chubby

I'm not much for Christmas, but I do love the two weeks I get off at the end of every year.  It gives me time to catch up on my sleep, play with my family and take care of tasks that never seem to get done. 

This holiday, I have three goals:

  1. Start doing more exercise
  2. Catalogue my stash and do some de-stashing
  3. Finish painting my stairs

The first goal is moving along thanks to the Wii Fit I got for Christmas.  Now that I'm not on my bike over the  winter, I'm feeling mighty lumpy and this move to full time employment has also led to 10 extra pounds that I would like to lose before it turns into 10 more.  I was a bit skeptical about the Wii Fit, but so far, my hobbling around like a broken old woman proves that doing a regimen of strength training with some cardio and fun yoga and balancing games is better than my previous plan of sitting on my ass complaining about how fat I'm getting. 

My only complaint (besides the idea that I'm becoming the healthist subject of my dissertation) is that there is too much time between exercises where the trainer is talking to you, or moving from activity to activity.  I think this goes away with the unlocking of more repetitions and a good plan of attack, but it seems that 30 minutes of activity takes about 45 minutes of real time and I know I'll want those 15 minutes of sleep on the mornings I will be doing this before getting ready for work.

It won't be the last exercise program I do, but it is a good place to start and the type A person in me loves how it monitors progress, and lets me set goals and rewards me for doing exercise by giving me more games to play.  And using a virtual hoola hoop is pretty fun!

Now to see if I stick with it and move into a more regular exercise routine.


I'm totally with you..... It's a little disconcerting when they fatten up the Mii on you! I made mine look like I wanted it to then when I did the weight thing it plumped her right up. :)

Good luck :) perhaps I'll join you :)

I'm just thrilled to death with the little guy in the corner making that "ohh" sound when I step on the fit board - very supportive!

My sister got a Wii Fit for Christmas and I really want one now, but I'm not sure if I'd use it enough to make a difference. My Wiff It age is 41 though and I'm really 29 :(

I'm loving it! I wouldn't get up early to use it -- I get up early enough to write, but I'm liking coming home from work and just kind of messing around on it. It's like playing a game, but playing it while I'm on my feet, which I'm not usually after my work shifts. So fun! (But my wii fit age is 45 (I'm 36) and lala's age is 32 (she's 40). Aargh.

Glad you are enjoying the Wii... for all the times the trainer is talking. you can consider doing jumping jacks and crunches. it helps keep the heart rate up and calories burning. :) now I want a wii even more.... no HDTV however.

You can get past all the talk by hitting the button to start the exercise. It definitely speeds things up quite a bit.

Good luck to you!

Is there any way the blog can help you with this? Its so important.

ya it's important and there must be some way.

I love my new Wii. And my Mii is chubby. My sister did hers first and it stayed skinny and cute. Then I stepped on and it turned my Mii chubby, funny but disheartening. I do love seeing all of our Miis show up in the other games.

My WiiFit age pisses me off. But running with my daughter is totally fun, and the hula hoops are downright addictive.

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