February 04, 2009

Now what do I do? I think I was "out of sorts" last night because I got myself into a knitting-related pickle that I now kinda regret. I took apart this sweater (cozy Tagliatelli) because while I love the yarn, I never was very happy with the sweater. It was shapeless and too tight in the armsyce and just not right. I meant to just remove the collar to see what I could do to merely modify it, but the yarn is slippery and it started to unravel and by midnight all that was left knit-up was a sleeve and a half and I wished I hadn't done that. But this morning I see opportunity. Here are my ideas: 1. Top down raglan with a split neck. I'm not sure if a seamless sweater with merino ribbon is a good idea though--I think it might just stretch to my feet (infinity and beyond). But it would be comfy and cozy. A new and improved version of the original (if it doesn't stretch). I would use EZ's "pattern" for this one. But it would look a bit like this (no ribbing though). 2. A Linden-like jacket--the yarn is very drapey and a Linden shape without the cable would be interesting IT is in my queue already, but with this yarn it's a different knit (at least in my mind). I don't think I have enough yarn to do the cable so would probably do a ribbed edge, or even a rolled edge. 3. Martha cardi. I've tried on Kim's and while it look a bit unique, it looked great on me. I would need to adjust the gauge, but it appears to be blocks that are sewn together so it wouldn't be too hard. Again, drapey which favours the yarn. 4. Lara is a favourite in my sweater pile and something with the same construction--sleeve to sleeve, all one piece, would be perfect. I would need to change the gauge and I don't want to do all that math. Does anyone know of a bulky version of the same sweater? Or perhaps I get out my calculator... Any other suggestions? The yarn is a bulky merino ribbon and I would need something that works up to 3.25 sts to the inch or less because I have limited and slightly unknown yarn.

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