March 04, 2009

No time to blog. I'm knitting! I have almost everything ready for my trip (4 days!!), so I managed to spend some time knitting this weekend. It's been a while since I've had some solid time to knit and put a bit of time in on three projects. I have a good portion of the sleeve done on the Drops Cardi (no pictures--it's a blue tweed sleeve). I also started the Whisper Cardi; twice. I'm making the largest size because I have broad shoulders and I want the cardi to be a decent length, but found the 16" diameter sleeve too big and floppy. I have broad shoulders, but not huge arms (though they're not super-model skinny). I also had real troubles with the Magic Loop (I really don't like that technique) so I started again after locating my 4mm dpns. I have this weird problem with 4mm dpns. They disappear. I've lost 4 sets in the last 5 years. I don't know where they go, but they go. Right now I have very short Signature ones (they're awesome) and very long Knitpicks ones which are perfect for the cardi. Back to the sleeve...I started with the medium sleeves but stopped decreasing once I had the large sleeve stitch count. I'll just knit the missing 24 rows (representing the remaining decreases) so the sleeves are the correct length, and proceed as written for the back. Easy-peasy. Now that my travel knitting is established (I have all my yarn and tools assembled too), I got back to the Bohus. Today was perfect Bohus weather, and as this project celebrates its second birthday as a WIP, I'm a bit sad that I'm so close to finishing, but probably won't get a chance to wear it this season. Really, I better not get a chance to wear it this season--I've had enough of the cold. So close, yet so far. I did the hem row today and just need to work the final inch or two for the hem, then it's on to the sleeves. I bet they'll take a while, but I don't really mind. This is still a mindless, but sensual to the touch knit. Merino/angora. What's not to like. And I'm really pleased with fit on my body--even in yoga pants.

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