April 17, 2009

30 Day Shred - The First Seven Days The Wii-fit was getting me down. Too much emphasis on measuring me (see my dissertation if you want more information about how things like Wii govern the body) and a not-hard-enough workout that took too long were the big issues. So I took a recommendation from Laura and ordered Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. The promise is big results in 30 days with a daily (yes daily) 20 minute workout. I figure big results will come with any intensive exercise you do (especially if you've been sedentary in the past) so I'm just hoping for my pants to fit better and to get more toned and strong. The workout is structured with 3 sets comprised of: 3 minutes strength 2 minutes cardio 1 minute abs It's nice because you don't have time to get bored with it before you're off to another thing. There are also 3 levels and I'm starting at the beginning with level 1. I started with 2lbs weights and have moved up to 7lbs ones for some of the exercises (chest flies and the back one). I think I'll get some 4-5lbs ones for the others. I've completed 7 consecutive days and I'm feeling good. That's a bit of a lie. I started out sore as hell. You know where you walk down the stairs and say a little ow, ow, ow with every step. Today I'm feeling it mostly in my shoulders (8 of today's push ups were the full kind, not with my knees on the floor) and my knees. There's a lot of bending and bouncing in this workout (squats, jump jacks etc) and I'm finding my knees aren't happy with this. While I don't want to, I might take a day to rest the knees and see if they improve. Or just do a slightly less bendy version tomorrow. The plan is to do 10 days at each level and see how it goes. The weather is also conducive to riding my bike so my plan to get some exercise is in full swing. That feels good. The getting up at 6:15am to do the shredding? I'm not loving that so much.

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