Knit It Together
Beautiful Fall designs on a (finally) hot July day

I got my first Grafton batt in the mail yesterday.  It is so pretty.  Emma loves it and expects me to make something from it for her.  Delusion is a wonderful thing ;)
Grafton batt
I'm almost afraid to spin it, though really, it's just fluff and there will be more.  I joined the colourways club, so I'll be getting one every month. 
The decision for me is whether I just grab it and go and see what happens or whether I'm more methodical and do something like Harlot did (mostly to see if I can). I might knit up one of my other colourful handspuns that I just spun for fun and see if I like the multicoloured effect.  I also noticed that one person is using her batts to make a lizard ridge and thought I might make another type of noro blanket
I love new fibre--so many possibilities.


It is beautiful. ANd I have been seriously considering joining that club, too. The lizard ridge possibility seems to be in danger of tipping me over the edge. Damn.

Wow. That's gorgeous. Some of my favorite colors all in one spot. If I were your daughter, I'd be making puppy dog eyes to get something made of that!

I have yet to spin up any of my Colorways batts. They are just so pretty!

Oooh pretty!

I have one just like that (or very similar) that I bought in January. I still haven't spun it - I think I'm afraid of wrecking it.

Gorgeous - now I want to join as well!

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