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Knit It Together

Well, that didn't work...

I've been meaning to warp the loom for weeks now and last night the opportunity finally presented itself.

 Well, that didn't work...

I had four balls of hempathy in the stash--2 orange and 2 turquoise and wanted to do a houndstooth pattern like this one.

It's an easy design--the warp is 2 orange, 2 turquoise threads along the width and the weft is exactly the same.

I decided to get all crafty and make bigger "teeth" and warped a 4X4 pattern. But once I started weaving I realized that's not going to work.

I'm making gingham.

This was supposed to be a kicky little summer scarf, but I think it's going to be more dishcloths.


Love the colors together!

You can never have too many dishcloths!

But I like it, despite the lack of houndsteeth. Turquoise and orange are fav colours in our house, too.

Maybe you can still make it into a kicky summer scarf with some embroidery on the ends? Dishcloths are fine, but it would be a great scarf!

It's beautiful, regardless!

Begin spatially-challenged myself, I frequently end up with surprise projects. I've learned to enjoy the unexpected. (Not really, but that's what I tell myself.)

Right now it sort of looks like a flag. I love the colours!

Do you know why it didn't make houndstooth? I can't tell from your blog entry, and I don't want to be insulting...but it's the difference between plain weave and twill. Let me know if you have questions.

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