To the woman driving the red volvo:
I read stuff like this...

That girl's got it together

It's 8:23pm, Tuesday night, and the kids are both showered, toothbrushed and in bed.  Craig is out for the first game of the Withrow Ball Hockey Men's League Fall 2009 season and I am all alone.  The laundry is done (thanks Mom) and the house is clean.  The dishes are finished and aside from the continuing bathroom reno, there's nothing pressing to do this evening.

Check this out:


I'm blocking a sweater.  I'm a bit ahead of myself since I have half of the right front to go, but I figured I should get things blocking so I can sew them up while the fronts are drying. 

It's the ubiquitous Drops Cardi that everyone made a while back and mine's almost done.  Just in time for Fall.  It's been hibernating all summer, but I figure I can get it done just as the weather gets cool.

I'll have it for Rhinebeck (hooray! I'm going again). 

Holy shit--I look like I have it together eh?


Very nice! I'm impressed on all counts.

Rhinebeck! I will look forward to seeing you then.

Very nice. I feel like I haven't gotten anything knitting wise done in weeks, so it is so beautiful seeing a sweater block. Even if it isn't one of mine.

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