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Things I learned on the long weekend

1. My bathroom is one inch wider at the tub end than the door end.

2. My bathroom roof line is not straight.  We framed a dropped ceiling so it was level to the earth because the floor is about 1/2" higher at the tub end than the door end.

3. Old houses are crooked.

4. Having a friend help Craig position the tub that doesn't easily fit into the spot is preferable to helping on my own.  Because of this, we are still married and love each other very much.

5. Our new tub is 1/4" higher on one long end vs the other.  This means it will drain properly, but more floor prep is required.

6. The tub is no longer in the dining room.  It now looks so much bigger.

7. I going to love my new tub.

New tub

8. Going to the beach on labour day is a good thing. 

9. Kid's lunch bags get really disgusting after a year.  I should have bought new ones.

10. My kids have HUGE feet (size 6.5 men's and 7.5 women's).  Big feet=expensive shoes.  But size 16 men's shoes cost the same as 6.5 so at least I won't be spending more money over the next 10 years.

11. Size 16 Nikes are really really big.  Sorta scary even.

12. It's too hot to seam an aran weight sweater on your lap, no matter how much you want it done.

13. Rhinebeck is 6 weeks away.

14. The film festival starts this week!


Shame that tub's not full of water, but I'm sure you were imagining it!

Home renovations and marriages--you should write a "how-to" book. Refinishing the floors together in our first house nearly put an end to our marriage...we were saved by a friend who brought a fifth of bourbon and some jelly glasses...

That is an adorable picture Steph. I can't wait to see what it looks like done

Yay....see you at Rhinebeck!

I certainly hope so! See you there.


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 7:47 AM, wrote:

What a fantastic tub! I'm filled with admiration and jealousy at the same time.

Just as my husband says in our similar-vintage abode the other side of town from you: not a right angle in the place. Tub looks good. Enjoy TIFF.

"14. The film festival starts this week!"

Are you going to write reviews of what you saw?

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