Can't blog. Knitting bohus
Bathroom Progress


It's amazing, in person and in pictures. Well done!

awesome sweater and what a beauty too!! looks great on you!! ok make me want to take out the one I started a couple of years ago for hubby and do that!! ok maybe after the Christmas gifts I am working on now! hugs Linda

Perfect! Nicely done, my friend.

THAT IS AWESOME. I love it. Yay, you!

that looks beautiful! all those tiny stitches...good job :)

Amazing Steph! It is gorgeous! Great choice of colours

That's beautiful. I've been following it's progress for a long time! Congratulations.

Really spectacular! I'm glad you finished and that it's perfect.

Super gorgeous! I love it.

#womanwhogets(most)shitdone :)

Hurrah for you!

I got a kit for my birthday and seeing yours makes me want to start mine!!

AMAZING. You are my knitting hero...

Wow! Congratulations. If only I had that kind of sticktoitiveness.

Looks great, and just in time for the crappy weather.

YAY!!!! It's beautiful, and makes me want to make one of my own (if only I lived somewhere cold enough to wear it more than once a year).

Woo-hoo!! It is gorgeous.

Magnifique indeed!!!

Congratulations. What's next?

Good job! Way to persevere!

Love it!! Have you taken it off yet? Not sure I could... :)



It is beautiful! The angora in the white part really looks like a halo around your shoulders :)

Yay and hurray! Well worth the wait.

Oh my god, congratulations! It looks great, totally worth the effort. The fiddly, tiny-gauge projects are always the ones you wear the most, in the end.

Ooo la la! I love Bohus anything, and yours is gorgeous! Bravo!

Hurray! Isn't it great to get something done that has just been lingering....

Congratulations!!! Bohus looks awesome.

It's absolutely gorgeous! Yay!!!!

Huzzah! It's beautiful--I love the elegance of the color gradations.

Wow! Looks great!

That looks great! I can see whyyou are so excited! You are going to get alot of wear out of it I think.

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