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Holiday Knitting

Having two weeks off at the end of the year is bliss.  It feels like it's going by too quickly, but that's because I'm enjoying every lazy minute of it.

This time around I'm enjoying a bout of knitting monogamy.  I started Anhinga right after I finished my Grey Mist bohus and I'm half the back, and one sleeve away from the finishing.


The yarn is Sublime Aran--a wool, silk and cashmere blend that's nice a squooshy.  It's a bit splitty, but after 9spi, anything on 5.5mm needles is indeed sublime.

I was (and am a bit still) worried about how this sweater will look on me.  I made the front pieces first and got a sense of how it will look.  It should work.  I also made the 42" size so it has a bit of ease.  This is not the kind of sweater that should hug the body.

I've also taken some time to spin.  My desiccated brain singles are now all spun up and having a rest before I ply.  Pencil roving is kinda fun, but I'm ready to try some different kinds of drafting.  I have a yarn credenza full of Grafton batts and I'm going to jump in before the week is out.



Otherwise it's back to the bathroom.  Today we take a stab at finishing the tiles around the tub.  Then we're just fiddly finishing stuff away from having a completed main bathroom.

A wee bit of Christmas gift-making

I gave up on getting stressed out about making everyone handknits for Christmas a long time ago.  I had big lists and big plans and well, it never worked out, so I stopped with the unrealistic expectations and I'm a much happier knitter because of it.

This doesn't keep me from making a few things for a few people every year.  This year's lucky recipients are my Mom and my Memere.

For Mom, a Shapely Cowl by Amy Swenson in Manos Wool Silk to match the beret I gave her already (the one I made for me, but which is not my colour).

Shapely Cowl

I love this cowl--a nice easy knit which is great for hand-dyed yarn.  I'm going to find a colour of Manos Silk that suits me and make myself one (or maybe use some Handmaiden Cashmere...)

For Memere, a woven scarf.  This was a last-minute decision, but weaving is great like that.  Besides, what can you buy your 83 year old grandmother?  Something handmade is perfect.


I really love this scarf--it was another one of those hard-to-give-away pieces.  The warp is Knitpicks Gloss and some left over Fly Designs BFL (the darker part) and I like how it striped.  The weft is Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing (good name for a grandma scarf) leftover from Shawl That Jazz


I used every last bit.  That's another nice thing about weaving--very little leftovers.


Now I'm back to doing some knitting for me.  I have two luxurious weeks off over the holidays and it's great to just sit and relax with the knitting/weaving/spinning.

I'll tell you about it when the Christmas dust settles.  Now back to my spinning and Caesar.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Did it!

Remember back on July 29th when I made the pledge to do Couch to 5 km?  (Here's the link).

Well today, a mere 20 weeks later I finished.  

So not the 9 week program it was supposed to be.  In my defense, I did develop shin splints (2 weeks off) and I did have that fall down the stairs (another 2 weeks) and well, I got busy and...

Who cares about the excuses!! I did it!!!

I can run for 30 consecutive minutes and I feel good when it's done.  In fact, I can run for 34 consecutive minutes--I did that today (5.7km)!  

I still don't know if I really like running, but some days it is the best thing I can do for myself after a busy and stressful day.  And my body feels better.  I know when I've been away from exercise too long because my hips are a bit achy and I'm a bit grouchy.  A run helps that go away.

It may not be a full fledged habit (especially since making the time to run 3 days a week is proving difficult) but it's a habit in the making.

Hooray me!

A tale of how homophobia messes stuff up for everyone

I was on the subway this morning riding to work, when an odd thing happened.

I'm sitting (ya, that is odd, but that's not the point of this story) and the orientation of the seats is such that I am perpendicular to other passengers.  Directly in my line of site are two 20-something women, and one of them is sporting a nice looking chartreuse messenger bag.  I like chartreuse and I like bags, so I was looking at it.  

Thing is, the girls were holding hands on top of this bag.  And when one of the pair made eye contact with me, she thought I was checking out the hand holding so she looked me right in the eye, grabbed her girl's hand and licked it rather provocatively.

I instinctively turned away and then looked back and said: "I like your bag".  They look at me, and we're all laughing a bit nervously.  She says thanks and I say "I didn't mean to make you upset" and we laugh a bit more.

It this had been a heterosexual couple none of this would have happened.  I could be thought rude for checking out the bag, but there wouldn't be this latent sense that I *might* be judging a couple riding to work together for holding hands.  

There wouldn't be that direct confrontation or the nervous laughter.  

I wouldn't feel a teeny bit bad for making them feel uncomfortable and they wouldn't feel a teeny bit bad for being defensive about their relationship.

That's how homophobia messes stuff up for everyone.  Even in everyday life riding the subway to work, checking out people's accessories.

The only thing I would have liked to told them was: "I like that you're in love too".  

Bathroom Progress

We're putting on the big push to get the bathroom done.

This week I painted:


 Then we started tiling the floor.  This is the dry fit--just seeing how it would look--nice eh?  


Craig was all kinds of awesomeness today--he tiled the floor while I was out.  We just have a spot near the toilet to do tomorrow and then grouting.  

The tiled area around the tub is still not finished, but we can at least start using the toilet really soon.  Since we're been going down to the basement, this is big news.

We had only one little glitch this weekend.  I'm starting to learn that DIY home reno in an old house EQUALS a ton of "little glitches".  We had to make a hole in the ceiling to access the toilet drain. 

We still have things in the basement to patch, so one more hole isn't all that bad.  But it's still a bit crazy making.