Olympic update
10 women, a cottage and a lot of yarn (and there might have been some drinking)


Skew Socks are done!



And they're great.  Very fun to knit (evil the Magic loop wasn't awful) and the pattern was very easy to follow--even when I had no idea how the heck the heel was going to go.



Nice fit too.  Those heels crack me up.  But they're hard to photograph (especially on your own feet).



This was my first knitting with Claudia's Handpaint and it worked great--no pooling.

Now, the big question.  Do I do a second event?  I'm going to sleep on it.  I have something in mind and might have the time to get them done.  I'm no Clara Hughes of knitting, but I am having fun.




WOW! Those look absolutely stunning - you really struck Gold with those ones - they look very complicated and I love the symmetry - here's to hoping that you'll participate in a second event!!

Those are great! The yarn is gorgeous. I love them.

Love the socks, the fit looks great. You did a great job.

Awesome! Good job on finsihing! I think I'll have to give those socks a try.

Beautiful socks!

Congratulations on your gold medal! Your socks look great.

Beautiful! I almost wish I had decided against a sweater for the Knitting Olympics. I might (maybe) be closer to being done!

Congratulations! Those are gorgeous!

Oh, my,, Those are absolutely beautiful! What a fantastic job that is!!

those look great! i've cast on for them in a colorway named (get this) Bela Lugosi's Dead. Use your imagination, lol.

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