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First an update, and then a promotional plug for a pal who's doing more to help.

Update: Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of my Hansel pattern.  I donated the entire price to MSF.  It was only $65--but that's still great.  Thanks a bunch.  

Now the plug.  My knit pal Rosemary, pin maker extraordinaire and pattern designer of fabulous pretty things is selling her Brandywine shawl to raise money to Help Haiti.

Rosemary has a BIG goal.  She wants to sell 10,000 patterns to raise $50,000 dollars to help Haiti.  That's a lot of patterns.  She's already donated $2000, so she's well on her way.  It's a lovely shawl (great for those of you doing 10 shawls in 2010).  Have a peek and help the cause.


I'm knitting one! It's lovely, and more than 75% of the pattern price goes straight to charity (Doctors Without Borders).

Thank you for posting this, Steph! :) xo!

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