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Skew Socks are done!



And they're great.  Very fun to knit (evil the Magic loop wasn't awful) and the pattern was very easy to follow--even when I had no idea how the heck the heel was going to go.



Nice fit too.  Those heels crack me up.  But they're hard to photograph (especially on your own feet).



This was my first knitting with Claudia's Handpaint and it worked great--no pooling.

Now, the big question.  Do I do a second event?  I'm going to sleep on it.  I have something in mind and might have the time to get them done.  I'm no Clara Hughes of knitting, but I am having fun.



Olympic update

I love long weekends; very good for the knitting. I did a whole lot of nothing but knitting and finished the first sock last night.

The Skew pattern was easy to follow and letting the rows just happen is the secret to success, especially at the heel when you look and can't figure out how the heck this is gonna work.

The fit is great and the Claudia's Hamdpaint yarn is very nice. I'm not going to show too much until I'm finished them both just to keep you guessing (hence the crappy iPhone photo). 

Olympic Sock 1

 I immediately started the second sock and was knitting on the way to work. Going for gold here!

See my pretty yarn?

I love Rowan Cork yarn.  I was really unhappy when it was discontinued.  It is a chunky weight to knit but is super light to wear.  The chainette construction is lofty and soft and it's one of my favourites.  

When it went off the market, I started stashing.  Thing was there were only some scary colours left.  I had ten balls of Sour and 3 of Snuggle accumulated and 2 balls of Orange left from Bless.  I thought I could knit something from the Sour, but really, it's day-glo bright and just not for me.

Then Kim my pusher dyer friend at Indigodragonfly suggested I over dye it.  Into her dye pot the Sour and Snuggle went.


Rowan Cork

This is what came out.



I love it.  All the lovely squooshiness of Cork and all the pretty hand dyed magic from Kim.

Both were dyed the same colour, but the green of the Sour comes through to make it more hunter/foresty where the beige went more teal.  Since it's kettle dyed I'm going to strategically alternate the skeins and use it all together.  I'm pretty sure I'll make Kathy from the Cork book (Ravelry link).  A snuggly sweater coat would be very nice  Or I might do something like Chelsea from Yarnplay where I could use the different blue on the cuffs and collar.  Or, Notre Dame De Grace (I love how this looks good on everyone).  The beautiful colours can do the work of pattern and colour on their own.

Whatever I choose, the transformation of this yarn leads to possibilities.  Thanks Kim!

Knitting Olympics

I'm not a big fan of the Olympics.  I think the human drama of sport (mediated by TV) can be very captivating, but the Olympic industry is a big, corrupt, corporate phenomena that sells a lot of messages I don't support.  

Knitters, I like. A lot.  And I like the idea of the Knitting Olympics--taking a challenge and seeing it through. In Toronto, a knit happening town, there are a bunch of knitting olympians having a good time and this year I decided, the non-corporate, big, good knitters are people I could support; so I'm playing too.

My project?  Skew--the Knitty Winter Surprise.  I like the pattern and I have some Claudia's Handpaint in the stash.  I never knit pattern socks; especially architecturally challenging socks and I never use Magic Loop (I'm all dpns, all the time) so this made for a challenge.  

Socks might not be a challenge for some of you, but I have a full-time job, a bathroom that still needs to be finished, two kids and my mother is recuperating from a broken upper arm at our house.  The next two weeks are busy enough without having plans to start and finish a pattern I have to pay attention to.

So far, it's coming along okay.  



It's a long weekend and I had one of those cocky moments where I thought I might get these done a little early.  That should bite me in the butt later...

Are you participating?  Let me know your challenge--I'd love to hear it.

Help For Haiti

First an update, and then a promotional plug for a pal who's doing more to help.

Update: Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of my Hansel pattern.  I donated the entire price to MSF.  It was only $65--but that's still great.  Thanks a bunch.  

Now the plug.  My knit pal Rosemary, pin maker extraordinaire and pattern designer of fabulous pretty things is selling her Brandywine shawl to raise money to Help Haiti.

Rosemary has a BIG goal.  She wants to sell 10,000 patterns to raise $50,000 dollars to help Haiti.  That's a lot of patterns.  She's already donated $2000, so she's well on her way.  It's a lovely shawl (great for those of you doing 10 shawls in 2010).  Have a peek and help the cause.

Holy Freakin' Stash Sale!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, it's time to think hard about my stash.  I went through every single last ball of yarn I have and made a big pile of things that HAVE TO GO!

I was thinking about grouping things to enhance their marketability and then thought better of it.  Let's just say there's a bit of everything, but nothing handpainted or hand dyed--that stuff is gold and I want to keep it all. Things are a bit tough financially right now at the And She Knits Too household, but they ain't that bad.  And I feel like prior stashing in good times allows for current knitting happiness now.

Important details stuff: 

  1. All prices are in US Dollars and I'll invoice you via Paypal.  
  2. I'm also willing to entertain trades in lieu of purchases.  But only if I know you; sorry but I've been burned and I don't want to be again.
  3. Shipping is NOT included in the price.  Canada Post is not all that great at setting out prices that make it easy for me to give you a sense of what shipping will cost. But expect to pay a minimum of $5. I will send out a proper quote for your approval before we seal any deals.
  4. Unless indicated otherwise, all of these yarns are new and unused.  All were stored in a smoke and pet free home.

I also have a few tools that need new homes.  I'll do those first:

SOLD! Denise Needles Set - $40: Complete set of points, cords, connectors and caps, and a second set of cords.  The case is a bit worn but everything is fine.  They're just not my thing.



SOLD! Umbrella Swift - $25: I bought a new wooden one this year with a prize certificate I won at Lettuce Knit.  I've had this swift a long time and it works just fine.  If you don't have a swift, you're really missing out. This one comes with a plastic storage sleeve.



SOLD! Noro Kureyon - 11 skeins - $75: Colour 126, Lot E.



SOLD! Rowan Yorkshire Tweed dk - 10 skeins - $50: Colour Lime Leaf (348), Lot 27H4


SOLD! Rowan Bamboo Tape - 10 skeins - $60: Colour Chalk (703), Lot 61074



SOLD! Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran - 3 skeins - $25: Colour Hero (411), Lot 3E5



King Yarns Kelly - 2 skeins - $7: Enough for a Baby Bolero! Colour 50, Lot 8526



SOLD! Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed - 3 skeins -$20: Colour Beach (122), Lot 230



SOLD! Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool - 2 skeins - $10: Colour 16, Lot 1210



Briggs & Little Heritage Worsted - 2 skeins - $10: Colour Plum (58), Lot 619.



Rowan Biggy Print - 3 skeins - $25: Colour Cookie (244), Lot 10E1 (they're wily--never used, but unwilling to stay pretty in the skein)


SOLD! Samuel Lumb Wool Tweed Worsted - 1 Cone=2000m - $50: Apparently Samuel Lumb mills was around in England making yarn for nearly 200 years before they had to close because they couldn't get fire insurance for the building.  I was also told they milled yarn for Rowan.  I have another cone of the same yarn--it's oiled for machine skeining so has to be washed after you knit the garment, or skeined and washed before.  It's a more rugged yarn, meaning for most it wouldn't be a next to your skin sweater.  I would compare it to Noro Kureyon or a shetland wool.  It's really deep purple and tweedy.



SOLD! Tivoli Aran Superwash - 10 skeins - $45: Colour 962 Lot 5679 (one ball was started and ripped out).



SOLD! Tivoli Aran Superwash - 9 skeins - $40: Colour 977 Lot 9814 (one ball was started and ripped out).



 SOLD!  Fiddlesticks Wool Silk Lace - Almost 1 skein - $10: Colour Black, Lot unknown.  I would say there's 600m here.  You can also have the pictured shawl I started to rip back if you want.  Note to self: I don't like knitting lace.


SOLD! Elann Peruvian Highland Wool - 8 skeins - $15: Colour Black (500), Lot 647



HFSS - Coming Thursday

FYI: I'm having a Holy Freakin' Stash Sale (HFSS) here at And She Knits Too! on Thursday.  The post will go live at 7:45am EST.  

There's some sweater-quantities of yarn, a Denise Needle Set, a Swift and some other bits and bobs that need a new home.

Hope you'll pop in for a look.