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Knitting Olympics

I'm not a big fan of the Olympics.  I think the human drama of sport (mediated by TV) can be very captivating, but the Olympic industry is a big, corrupt, corporate phenomena that sells a lot of messages I don't support.  

Knitters, I like. A lot.  And I like the idea of the Knitting Olympics--taking a challenge and seeing it through. In Toronto, a knit happening town, there are a bunch of knitting olympians having a good time and this year I decided, the non-corporate, big, good knitters are people I could support; so I'm playing too.

My project?  Skew--the Knitty Winter Surprise.  I like the pattern and I have some Claudia's Handpaint in the stash.  I never knit pattern socks; especially architecturally challenging socks and I never use Magic Loop (I'm all dpns, all the time) so this made for a challenge.  

Socks might not be a challenge for some of you, but I have a full-time job, a bathroom that still needs to be finished, two kids and my mother is recuperating from a broken upper arm at our house.  The next two weeks are busy enough without having plans to start and finish a pattern I have to pay attention to.

So far, it's coming along okay.  



It's a long weekend and I had one of those cocky moments where I thought I might get these done a little early.  That should bite me in the butt later...

Are you participating?  Let me know your challenge--I'd love to hear it.


Very interesting socks and a lovely challenge indeed!

I went crazy and declared I will knit only sev[en]circle cowls during the knitting Olympics and I invite my friends to come to my blog and place a guess how many of those I can finish and I tell you they went a bit crazy on me! If you want to win one of those lovely cowls please come and join our little game :)

Happy Valentine Day.

My challenge for myself is my Henry VIII. I know I won't finish but I thought this would be a good way to get it going. I have had the kit for almost two years and been intimidated by it. So far it has been fantastic!

My challenge is Clessidra from Knitty. They're the socks that made me want to learn to knit socks...and so far I've yet to knit a pair of regular socks in less than a month. I've already made a trip to the yarn store to pick up a different set of needles because the Harmony circs were slowing me down :P I'm optimistic because of the long weekend, but I work 7-5 so I'm gonna be happy even if I only manage one sock before the closing ceremonies. Good luck to everyone!!

I'm carding, spinning, dyeing, and knitting socks--no crazy pattern, but the pre-knitting craziness is making it an epic project.

I've also included minor spinning wheel repair into the mix!! yikes.

I'm kind of like you - my knitting challenge is finding time to knit! between the stress of my job and tending to my family, plus making my daughter's wedding dress and knitting a lace shawl for her to wear after the wedding cobweb-weight yarn, to boot....I'm getting a gold medal whenever I have time to knit a few rows consecutively. :)

Thank you for bringing this pattern to my attention; I had not tripped over it yet. I down-loaded the pattern immediately. These are definitely going to the top of my project list. Looking forward to updates on your progress.

I love the Olympics - but we don't have a TV so perhaps I'm missing much of the corporate BS. I'm knitting - but not competing... I just couldn't justify starting another project, even with the temptation of the Knitting Olympics.

Omigosh, I'm doing the Skew socks, too! I thought that with busy work weeks, freelance deadlines, and in-laws visiting from out of town I wouldn't be able to do much more than that...but I'm already halfway done with my second sock. Guess I should have picked more of a challenge! LOL It's a fun pattern though, so have fun!

For this Olympics I am knitting Ice Queen from Knitty, Winter 2007. This is my first beading project so that will be a bit of a challenge. Plus it is a great opportunity to knit with KSH.

The full-time job thing - and then some, for me, because I also have volunteer work AND because I am single, all the life-maintenance stuff, like calling plumbers and taking my car into the shop, falls on my head. So no, I am not doing it. Because I am home sufficiently seldom to even contemplate watching the Olympics.

Also, I put too much pressure on myself (I joke that I am a "recovering perfectionist") as it is, and to take on some (little) project and then see all these people with elaborate sweaters and shawls would make me tell myself I was all sucky and inadequate, and I don't need that.

My challenge is getting through my days and getting everything that needs to be done, done, and still finding maybe 15 minutes to knit.

Thanks for reminding me to look at the Knitty surprise - as an epidemiologist, I do love it when knitting is explicitly about math (it's always about math, really, and my statistician colleague has used crochet to teach math at a Toronto school). Good luck with your Knitting Olympics projects, all of you. Right now I'm with lori and fillyjonk - recovering perfectionist, giving myself a "medal" whenever I knit a row or two on my greatnephew's baby blanket.

The socks look like they're going to be great! I'm knitting up my next pattern for the Winter Olympics--a DK-weight woman's sweater.

The Skew pattern is unique. I love my dps, but magic loop is definitely the way to go with these socks. I felt compelled to put the current other project(s) aside to try this pattern. One sock done - one to go. I do have two areas of significant pooling, which does not appeal to me. I'll be aware of that doing the second sock.

I am knitting the Valkyrie Vest, by Lisa Shroyer for my Olympics challenge. However, with the current work schedule, sewing up would not have happened, so I converted it to knitting in the round. I am about six and a half inches (16.5 cm) in right now, and am very pleased with it. Should be nice and warm and cozy when it is done.

I'm using the Olympics as a kick in the butt to work on the Rib and Cable cardigan from the Fall 2009 VK. I love the pattern and have had the yarn for a while, so I was due but kept working on other things instead.

HENRY VIII, hope you get the chance to post how it turned out.

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