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They grow so fast

Knittin' Fittin' Mittens

Just in time for Spring, here are my Fiddlehead mittens:

Fiddlehead Mittens

They fit me perfect and I LOVE them.  I always have cold hands and the idea of lined mittens didn't really occur to me until I saw these.  Now I want to go and line my other handknit mittens (perhaps with warm fancy yarns like kidsilk haze and Bohus leftovers).

The Tanis Fibre Arts Dk is squooshilicious.  Very nice to work with.  I have some tiny balls of leftovers that I'm thinking of adding to a coordinating hat or something (which means I can buy more Tanis Fibre Arts Dk).

Fiddlehead Mittens

And Adrian's pattern is lovely.  The only modification I made was to knit the decreases for the liner mitten the same as the outer mitt.  The first one came out too long the first time, but that's not hard to fix.

Sadly, I think I'll need to wear these next week.  Our super beautiful, bike-riding, way above normal temperatures are likely to be a teaser for the Spring to come.


Those are lovely. I'm still trying to decide on what I want to make as my first "grown up" fair isle project. I want it to be easy enough that I get to practice what I learned in class, so I can go back to my socks and rip out the entire thing and start over!

Very springy! Isn't it a great pattern?

Those mittens are lovely! They make me want to crack into my kit!

Beautiful. I love the fiddlehead pattern and colours.

i've lined a couple of pairs of mittens using alpaca. I think kid-silk haze or bohus leftovers would be great for that. Warm and soft.

On a mitten with a ribbed cuff, I don't make the cuff lined. I did one pair by picking up at hte top of the ribbing and knitting the lining. The other pair I double knit as I went along.

I love them! That lining is so lovely it's almost a shame that it's hidden on the inside!

My first time trying colorwork was with the Fiddlehead mittens. I loved the pattern! The only trouble I ran into was the lining. Mine was too big the first time and then too long the second. But, like you said, it's easy, and fast, to fix.

Those are gorgeous! I got to pet one of those at a yarn shop last week and it was so soft that I nearly abandoned the project I had come in for.

They're awesome Steph! I love the colour gradation.

So pretty, and they look so warm. Enjoy them.

Fiddlehead is one of my favorite patterns of all time. Yours are gorgeous!!! :) That is true sock love, to wear them to death. The new socks for your son are a beautiful colour. If he doesn't like them, they'll fit me! LOL

I made a pair of fiddleheads at Christmas for my Aunt in England. She has a long, miserable commute that I thought could be brightened up with pretty fiddlehead mittens. She loves them. She has specifically reached out to me several times just to say how much she loved them. They were fun to knit too. And I don't generally like colorwork but these were small enough and the yarn was delicious enough that I really enjoyed this project.

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