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Don't speak for me Mr PM

Dear Stephen Harper:

This Canadian does want abortion services as part of any foreign aid initiative for global maternal and child health. I want women all over the world to have the same health care that I can get in Canada. This includes not only abortion and contraception but the economic prosperity which helps protect health and enables choices.

Autonomy for women cannot be achieved without control over reproduction.

That's the rub eh? I'm guessing you're not all that keen on Autonomy for Women...


Words cannot express how very much I agree with you... Well said!


+1 for that

Deciding for women want they can and can't have is another form of imperialism. Aid should be used to raise the living standards of people, not pass on value judgements of the people with power.

Awesome. I put you on my news feed for awesome knitting stuff, and found awesome pro-woman stuff as well

Sing it sister.

Here here.
Unfortunately women's abortion possibilities are being challenged all over the world. Here is France they have closed or are closing many abortion units in public hospitals using financial arguments to justify it. Of course, private clinics are not being closed - they're being funded with public money ! Family planning offices are having to organise trips to foreign countries again for women who have been given the run around or delayed so that they are over the legal limit in France.

just another issue on which Stephen Harper and I totally do not agree. He does not, and will never speak for me or any other woman who believes equality is the only right.

Agree (1).

agree (bajillionty)

Here in the US even getting birth control pills can be difficult if your pharmacist is an idiot, I mean, disagrees....and do not even get me started on the whackjobs in Oklahoma and what they have decided to do this week. I am torn between sad and horrified.

Totally agree. Harper ticks me off so much with this bullshit.

You got it. I'm horrified by this whole thing. And I'm American...takes a lot to horrify me.

Preach sister! every time I heard that dam news story... the same thoughts kept going through my head.
So... you want to help, but not with the choice that will get her out of the situation? I see....

Harper....and his government has put women's rights and equality back to the dark ages as far as I am concerned.....I agree with you. Harper does not speak for me. Nor will he ever!

Stephen Harper scares me. I'm aghast he's our PM.

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