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My Crazy week

I really did mean to do more blogging but, I had a lot to do this week.  Besides work there was a ton of kid wrangling:

2 soccer practices

2 dress rehearsals

1 soccer game

1 ball hockey game (we skipped the other one)

1 ball hockey team photo 

1 piano lesson

1 piano recital 


4 performances of Jackman Avenue: The Musical


Emma was the JJ the Jaguar--the school mascot (a lead role and she was AWESOME)


Xander had a few parts, the most impressive was the Zorba dance (we live in Greektown and the play was about the school and the community)


I didn't have to do anything at these events, except juggle the schedule and make sure everyone was fed and got to where they needed to go.  That it was a short week due to Victoria Day and SUPER HOT didn't help.

And did I mention my Mother and Grandmother came on Friday for the weekend to take in the events?

I need a beer and some knitting time (they're leaving in about 15 minutes).

I did manage to get through all the easy parts of the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl and finish a baby gift (save sewing on the button).  Oh and I finished Nantucket Red but still need to find time to get the hook and eyes.  

I'll tell you all about the knitting next post.  Time for that beer.

Colours. Pretty Colours

I've been getting in a lot more knitting these past few weeks.  I'm playing with some pretty colours.

Surprise thing colours


 (since it's a surprise I can't say more)

Presents for gestating wee ones colours


Socks that Rock Twisted in Carbon for a little baby sweater. 

Heartwarming colours



Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Forester Moth.  This is beautiful yarn.  Gorgeousness.  I'm using it (and 3 other colours) to make a Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl.  Fair isle, 8 sts to the inch, knitting backwards, I must be crazy.  But I tried on a friend's also made in Bugga (you can see me modeling here) and I fell in love with it. I have almost 300 sts on the needles already and I haven't started the colourwork.  It is a thing of beauty.

Here's the other colours I'm using:

Bugga Heartwarmer

Bronze Moth, Southern Green Stinkbug (I love that name), Forester Moth and Longhorned Beetle.  Mmmmm Bugga.  If I'm going to knit crazy, it might as well be with something soft and beautiful.

To Do

Seems my knitting and knitting related obligations and desires are getting away from me...

Time to consolidate (I like lists).  

Knitting and Fibre Pursuit To Do List

Part A: Knitting:

  1. Finish secret thing (I know, a bad way to start, but someone who reads this blog would guess this)
  2. Upload photos to pattern, send to tech editor, Ms Indigodragonfly herself.
  3. Start gift sweater for wee one gestating in a dear friend.
  4. Wind *that* yarn.  You know, that skein of doom.  The one that's a bit tangly and takes for fucking ever to wind and makes you swear like a fucking sailor because the shitty fucking yarn that you love so much is a bitchy assed blankety blank blank blank.  Ya, that one.
  5. Finish seaming Nantucket Red.  I have one seam left, and a redo of part of another.  
  6. Decide if collar on Nantucket Red needs to be redone.  So far the answer is yes, but seaming will allow me to go to that mental spot within which I contemplate a redo.
  7. Get back into Hanami Stole.  Or frog it.  I can't stand projects hanging over me like that.

Part B: Knitting, in preparation for tomorrow:

  1. Count stitches on work in progress.  See if you're getting to the point where you have to think.  If so, consider what other project you can bring tomorrow for that long talk you have to attend.  That's 2 hours of knitting time during work!
  2. Assemble whatever else is required for said 2 hours (stitch markers, measuring tape etc).
  3. Find needles to start Part A, section 3.  That's the Friday reward--starting something new.

Part C: Knit Blogging:

  1. Review 3 books in To Be Reviewed pile.
  2. Start cute beret from Veronik Avery's new book, Knitting 24/7.  Thanks to the publisher and Veronik for including me in their knitalong and trial of the St. Denis yarn.  (PS Veronik, it was great to see you at the Frolic.  Sorry I didn't stay long.
  3. Photograph work in progress from Part B and do a proper post.
  4. Add recently acquired yarns and not-so-recent ones to Ravelry.  Photograph ones without photos.  I like having my stash in it's own virtual yarn store website in my Ravelry profile.  

Part D: Spinning:

  1. Spin.
  2. Spin some more.
  3. Ply parts 1 and 2.

Part E: Time:

  1. Find someone who will learn to build a TARDIS or warp space and time or do whatever it takes for me to get through this list.

Baking Bread

About a month ago Laura introduced me to Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.  When I was doing my Masters, I used to bake bread; it kept me in the house.  Then I got a bread machine and used it a fair bit, but then it died and I had the kids and the PhD and I never really got back in the habit.

This book and the process (it really does take 5 minutes) changed all that.  I always have a tub of dough in the fridge (currently Italian semolina bread--good for naan too) and we're eating homemade yummy breads.

This weekend I had some fun.  I made a challah dough.  Don't tell anyone, but I halved the recipe but forgot to reduce the butter.  It was amazing. 

mmmm bread

I made a braided bread and cinnamon buns.  They were super yummy. 

mmmm bread

That's a chunk of sugary caramelly butter on the top. It all took less than half an hour of my time (there was resting time and baking time, but I don't need to be in the kitchen for that part).

Happy Feet

I finished Xander's socks on the weekend. 

Xander Socks 2

He loves them and I'm very glad that he loves them.  The IndigodragonflyMCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) was so nice to work with.  The colour, Self Elm0lation was so pretty and that little bit of black FI kept it interesting.  Unfortunately, the stranded part on the first sock is a bit tight and it's a bit harder to get on, but my kid won't let me rip it back so let's hope it stretches out a bit.

Xander Socks 2

This was my first try with a toe up gusset heel and I'm SOLD.  I love it.  Easy to do, elegant in it's construction and no stitches to pick up.  Nice on the foot too (remember, these socks fit me and I expect they will be handed down to me at some point).

Xander Socks 2

I have a happy kid with happy feet.  And sheesh, he looks so grown up at 9 compared to this photo from June 2008 (his feet were smaller too!)

Happy Pirate Kid