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We got to puppy sit this weekend.

Meet at the time nameless puppy:

Ruby or Ute?

She's a Georgian Bay Sporting Dog, the breeder's name for a 75% Weimaraner, 25% Lab mix.

It's my brother's dog and well, due to some scheduling mix ups, she was picked up Saturday morning which happened to be the same day as a wedding he had to attend, so we got to watch the 8 week old cutey for most of the day.

This is my kind of dog time--borrow, but not keep.  I love dogs, but my current life doesn't fit with raising a puppy so we're happy to be dog borrowers for now.


I was expecting a lot of homesickness and puppy craziness but this little one mostly slept.  It was a long trip for her and she was just happy to cuddle and sleep.

She did play for about an hour and she's clearly an outside dog (she never spent anytime indoors since birth).  The funniest thing was when you put her on a floor, she freezes.  She has no idea how to walk on it and I suspect she associates it with the vet.  With the help of a toy, I did get her to take a few steps on the hardwood and do some exploring, but once she found her towel she laid down and did more sleeping.

Worn out.

So cute.  I'm excited for her next visit.  And her name is Ruby.  We nicknamed her Ute for the day, but my brother didn't like the name. 


Oh my goodness--so adorable! And so affectionate looking. Ruby is a perfect name for her.

Completely gorgeous. I want (we'll just ignore the fact that I do not have a puppy amenable life and that I already have an two year old dog).

Did you here the "Awwwwww!" from there? What a doll!

OMG. Soooooo CUTE!

I love puppy pictures and Ruby is adorable.

What a doll! I fall for puppy faces all the time. Just like our kids, wish we could keep them small for longer.

Very cute!

I belong to the cult of greyhound, but OMG - she's adooooooorable! Puppies are overwhelmingly cute, but she's more than that!

Oh my god, he is darling. What a rad afternoon.

VERY cute! I like the name Ruby. That's so funny about freezing on the floor. I made a sweater out of an old sweatshirt for my outdoor dog years ago. I was afraid she was too cold. The minute I put it on her, she froze in place and started shaking like a leaf! I took it off immediately! Was afraid she was going to have a heart attack or something. Her reaction is funny now but scared me to death at that moment.

That is just the sweetest puppy :)

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