Never Ending Plying
Getting there is all the fun


I have a new pattern out!'s only for members of Indigodragonfly's Smart Ass Knitters/World domination Club. (For now, sorry).  Kim asked me to design for the club and it's the first offering.  I'm so pleased with the reception to the pattern and the shawl itself.

The yarn is Indigodragonfly MCN Lace in a colour called Paging Dr. Smartass (that would be me).  It's so nice to work with. Not a true skinny laceweight, more like a supermodel who ate a good solid dinner laceweight and it gets all soft and fluffy when it's washed.

The pattern will be available through Indigodragonfly in January 2011 and I'll have it up on Ravelry by early Spring. 

For all you club members, I'm keeping the pictures down near the bottom of the post so you can be surprised if you haven't yet got your package.


And the club itself is a hoot--We got the yarn, the pattern and a nice piece of "artisan swag" from a local ppotter in Kim's neck of the woods.  She made little clay pendants with M1, YO, SSK etc on them.  Very fun (I got SSK).

Next package is in August.  I can't wait to see it.

Until then, here's my lovely, smart ass in training Emma modelling the shawlette.  I like it so much I think I might make another one.






what's the pattern CALLED? gotta fav it on ravelry, so i can make sure to keep an eye out for it next spring!

Love this beautiful shawl, and that sounds like an awesome club!

I got my package last week (just after my birthday, so it was like a present). I am definitely enjoying being part of a couple of yarn clubs. It's fun getting mail that isn't a bill, and I love the pattern though I will probably use one of my rare skeins of Wollmeise.

Make another Emma? Do you really think that's wise? ;)

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