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Yellow Jersey

Finally!  The yarn is all dry.  I won't say it's a *lot* of fibre spun, but it was a lot for me and I made my goal of spinning daily during the Tour de Fleece.  

One thing I noticed is that my spinning got a bunch more consistent when I did it every day and it was just easier.

Here's the first yarn: 8oz of Ashland Bay "wool" in Cranberry.  I decided to start with a nice fat slow yarn.  It's squooshy and I really like it.  I have about 200 yds of what looks like a chunky yarn; nice for hat or mittens.  It was a bit hard to let go and just spin a fat single, but once I got going it was also fun.



 The second fleece was more of a challenge.  It was one of my grafton batts and I wanted a fingering to sport weight yarn that maintained the stripes.  Funny thing was that it just flew onto the wheel and is almost perfect.  I split the batt in half and just spun right off the half until it was done.  Then I did the same with the second half and plied them together.  The striping effect is great and the fall colours are so beautiful.





I have another fall-hued batt and I think once it's spun I'll make one of those stripey Noro scarves with the yarn.  

I did manage to start a 3rd 40z braid of merino from Into the Whirled, but didn't get to far with it.  I'm hoping to start up the wheel next week and get it done.  I want to try my best to maintain the daily or almost-daily spinning rhythm, it's fun and I really am impressed with how much I improve with practice.



I have my own drill...

Uses for your drill
Originally uploaded by Dr. Steph

And I know how to use it.

Turns out it's not only good for making holes and screwing screws, with a 9/32 drill bit, it makes an excellent bobbin winder.

Just be careful taking the bobbins off; I dug a nice gash in my thumb with the drill bit.

What am doing all this for? I'm warping the loom to make two scarves. The yarn is uber-gorgeous Briar Rose Fibres BFL light fingering (or maybe lace) in some of my favourite blue, teal and brown shades. After the Tour de Fleece (which I consider a success; just waiting for the yarn to dry so I can show you), I wanted to dust off the loom and burn through some stash.

Tour De Fleece, the first few days

Last year I bought the wheel, this year I'm in the gruelling Tour De Fleece!  My goal is modest--to spin every day of the Tour de France and get into the groove of spinning.  It's been fun to set aside some time just for spinning and I'm already noticing my spinning is easier and more consistent for the effort.

I started slow and lazy with some Ashland Bay fibre in Cranberry.  I just let the spinning happen and now have 230 grams of soft singles that I'm going to ply into soft chunky yarn. 





Last night I dug through my stash for the next project (note to self, you have a lot of fibre to spin) and decided on this lovely Grafton batt from last year's club.  


I'm attempting the self-striping yarn again in fingering weight.  The fibre just spun like nothing last night and I'm very happy with the results.



Tomorrow and Friday will be the big challenge.  We're off to Great Wolf Lodge  for two days of water sliding and I have no intention of bringing the wheel.  So I need to spin before we leave tomorrow and Friday night after a day of sliding.  I think I might pull out some practice fibre for that spin because if our trip to Fallsview last summer is any indication, I will be almost dead by the time I get home!

Getting there is all the fun

Today I'm 40!

There was cake (it was yummy)



There was also lazy family time (I'm on holiday), regular routine stuff (kids needed shoes), dinner out (with a couple of pints), a DVD (Matrix, because Emma asked to see it) and some very nice unmentionables from Craig (which I guess I just mentioned).

I've been feeling a bit funny about this decade/landmark birthday.  It's supposed to mean something more than a non-ending-in-zero birthday.  It was one of the reasons why I started exercising last year (and yes, I'm still running, lots actually, and liking it).  I wanted to leave my 30s in as good shape as I started them, though considering I was pregnant with Alexander, I'm not sure how to gauge being a gestator of a giant healthy baby against looking and feeling pretty dang good on my 40th birthday.

Today, I stopped sweating it (only partially because I didn't run).  Getting to today has been all the fun, so why worry about the number?

My motto for 40:

 "No one's the boss of me"

I think I might get a t-shirt made with that on it.


I have a new pattern out!'s only for members of Indigodragonfly's Smart Ass Knitters/World domination Club. (For now, sorry).  Kim asked me to design for the club and it's the first offering.  I'm so pleased with the reception to the pattern and the shawl itself.

The yarn is Indigodragonfly MCN Lace in a colour called Paging Dr. Smartass (that would be me).  It's so nice to work with. Not a true skinny laceweight, more like a supermodel who ate a good solid dinner laceweight and it gets all soft and fluffy when it's washed.

The pattern will be available through Indigodragonfly in January 2011 and I'll have it up on Ravelry by early Spring. 

For all you club members, I'm keeping the pictures down near the bottom of the post so you can be surprised if you haven't yet got your package.


And the club itself is a hoot--We got the yarn, the pattern and a nice piece of "artisan swag" from a local ppotter in Kim's neck of the woods.  She made little clay pendants with M1, YO, SSK etc on them.  Very fun (I got SSK).

Next package is in August.  I can't wait to see it.

Until then, here's my lovely, smart ass in training Emma modelling the shawlette.  I like it so much I think I might make another one.