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Hand Dyed Yarns

Hand Dyed Yarns.  There's nothing quite like them.  You get not only the colourful sensual experience of knitting, spinning and weaving with fibre coloured by an artisan in her studio (or kitchen), but also the depth and beauty of the products that come from these fibres.  There's always an element of surprise for me as the piece comes together, a bit of fun discovering how even semi-solid colours will stack when spun together or knit row by row.  

I love it.

Looking at my current and recently finished work I realize that I want to knit with hand dyed yarn over all else. Indigodragonfly, produced by my smart-ass buddy Kim, which not only have fantastic names, but contain so much fun--the colours make me knit with shades I would never think of touching before.  Briar Rose Fibres--the deep earthy tones that suit my skin and remind me of Autumn.  Lorna's Laces, the semi-solids are so fantastic for giving a garment some oomph to look just that much more pretty than a commercially dyed yarn.  Socks that Rock--all those colours!  Sanguine Gryphon--luxury, depth and inner shine (Bugga!). Stripey Vesper, Madeline Tosh, Sweet Georgia, Dream in Color, Sundara, Tanis, Waterloo Wools Lisa Souza (I just want to roll around in her roving)....

So much talent out there.  So little time to work with it all.  So many others I haven't even tried (tell me your favourites--go on, tempt me).

What's also great about these fibres is that they're produced by independent artisans and by buying their products you're supporting their art and their local economies.  It's a good thing to do and it gives your fibre work a nice ooomph.  

And, if that's not enough (or you've tried all of these already--making me jealous) have a look at The Fibre Cooperative

It's a monthly curated market which helps indie fibre shops who are too small to do advertising, connect with fibrey types like us who are looking for some new stuff to try.  It's easier to use than etsy (which is also a great source for indie dyers, but requires some clever searching and has a great assortment of beautiful things) and is some great one stop shopping.  They also have other fibre related goodies like accessories, jewelry and other good swag.  Go have a look--so many goodies (don't say I didn't warn you).


Have you tried Apple Laine Hand Dyed yarns?

I too have a serious weak spot for the indi-dyers, but I was raised by parents who support small business and who have an appreciation of the work artisans do...buying from the indi-dyers is just how I interprete the values they instilled in me. There is just something about the colours the dyers come up with that really captures my eye and it leads to "ideas"! The extra bonus of, often times, being able to meet and eventually come to know the person behind the dye pot adds something extra to it.

Oh my goodness--I clicked over to the Fibre Cooperative and very nearly got lost in it! What a fabulous resource for the artists--and for us knitters and spinners!

The colors in Briar Rose Fibers are so yummy. I'd like to cuddle
in them all and just giggle. I say "beautious" just "beautious".

You must try Saffron Dyeworks! ( Her colours are truly inspired; deep, rich and saturated. She recently did an entire line based on the colour palette of the television show 'The Tudors'. She has a faithful following on Ravelry and her updates often sell out. My favourite of her yarns are Enya Superwash Sock, Wasabi Sock and Tush, a luscious merino/cashmere/nylon blend.
After knitting with DeAnna's yarns, commercial yarns hold very little appeal for me.

drool, drool, drool! Thanks Dr. Steph - would likely never have stumbled on the Fibre Cooperative on my own.

I love semi-solids so much that of all the hand dyes Dream in Color is probably my favorite. It is so addictive.

I love many of the indie dyers you mentioned. I also love the work of Natalie at the Yarn Yard in Scotland. Her colors are amazing!

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