I'm on the run!
Woot! She Shoots! She....Scores!

Cross-Training for the Cure...Hockey-Style

Thanks to everyone who had made a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure.  I really appreciate it.

And, I have another super-duper-fantastic prize to announce!

Kim the uber-talented dyer behind Indigodragonfly yarns has generously donated a $50 gift certificate so one lucky donater can choose from her selection of squooshly, cleverly named yarns (I'm waiting on my order of 50/50 merino silk in the Edwards discovers woodchippers make good juicers colourway).

Indigodragonfly gc

A huge thanks to Kim!

If you wish to donate, every $5 gives you a ballot in my draw (see the last post for my fresh from the stash prizes).  My donation page is here (sorry about all the pink--I didn't design it).

And now for an update on my training.  Monday I joined a ball-hockey team.  I signed up in the summer for the Fall League and was on the waiting list (The Withrow Park Ball Hockey League is a huge group of players from 4 years and up that's been around in our neighbourhood for 30 years.  The women's league started 4 years ago and has become very popular.)  I figured that was the end of it (and that I didn't have to contemplate playing a team sport that I've never played before).

On Sunday I got the call that I was on team purple and the first game was Monday.  It was a bit freaky being under the rink lights (we play on an outdoor ice rink surface) running around trying to figure out what I had to do on the right wing.  I didn't suck too much and while we lost 2-0 we had a fun time and all the women were welcoming and helped me get my bearings.

I felt great yesterday, but today I'm a wee bit sore.  Seems that getting into it at the boards trying to free the ball while leaning into an opposing player uses some muscles that are out of practice.  So does sprinting down the rink to get to the net. 

I get to do it all again tonight. 

It does conflict with my weekly knitting time at Lettuce Knit, but only until the end of October.  I'm cross-training for the cure and having some fun stretching myself and doing something new.  I plan to squeeze in two 5km runs in the week just to keep my legs in shape.


Your ball hockey sounds great! I keep wanting to find a local group to do more things with. Unfortunately for one of my friends, it is no longer cutting it to traipse across the city (an hour+ commute each way) for a 30-40 minute long run.

Went there and made a donation.

Good luck with the training, it looks like you are doing great!

I might just donate when the next check comes in, for now I bookmarked the page.

Best of luck to you!

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