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Rhinebeck post--better late than never

The Nicest Thing I've Ever Knit

I have so much to talk about, but all of it is overshadowed by my glorious, finished, awesome, warm, lovely, soft, glowing Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl.


Doctor Steph

Thanks to Emily for taking the photos at Rhinebeck (I will post about that this weekend).

Doctor Steph

I felt like a knitting rock star while at Rhinebeck. And the ladies at Sanguine Gryphon took a few minutes to ogle my work (thanks for that!). This is truely the nicest thing I've ever knit. It's perfect. And while it was a bit of a slog to get it done before the trip, it was an absolute pleasure to knit. The pattern was clear, the yarn fantastic, the rows were long, but I got into a groove. Even the icord just sorta happened.

Doctor Steph

In the end the hardest part was the knitting monogamy. I really now want to get all slutty with my knitting and cast on 100 things.  That is what I think of knitting monogamy (and modeling).

Final details:

Pattern: Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl from Handknit Holidays

Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Forester Moth (dark teal), Longhorn Beetle (Red), Bronze Moth (Gold) and Southern Green Stinkbug (Light teal green).

Started: May

Finished: October (with the summer off because it was too big to knit without making me all sweaty)

Technique: Knit flat using two-handed fair isle. The wrong side rows were knit backwards, also in two-handed fair isle.


That is beautiful! Rock star indeed!

I really can't believe I didn't spot you wearing that. (I spotted another friend wearing a Swedish Heartwarmer, but not you). It's beautiful. What are you casting on next?

How did I miss you (and this) at Rhinebeck?!

I'm in love with the names of the colours of your shawl. I think I have to get me some of that yarn, just because.

That is stunning Steph! How on earth did I miss you at Rhinebeck?

It makes me want to swear (with admiration.) Other than that, I'm speechless (also with admiration.) What a beautiful piece!

I love your shawl. You rightfully should be very proud of that. Cast on 100 projects, spoken like a true fellow wipslut.

This was just SO gorgeous. It was great to meet you in person at Rhinebeck!

The shawl is gorgeous, and it looks great on you. That is an heirloom quality piece. PERFECT for Rhinebeck!

What a beautiful job you did on that! Wear it proudly!

A work of art!

OMG. I think I was sitting down to the left of the picture with my daughter when you guys were taking these pictures! I thought you looked familar! Awesome awesome shawl. But better then a shawl.

Absolutely, awesome. What great color it has and it hugs you just perfectly.
You are a rock star !!! You look fantastic!!

Kudos! That is GORGEOUS!!!!

Wow--the contrasts between the colors make the motifs really pop. Very graphic--yet elegant, too.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. This definitely qualifies as an heirloom, too.

WOW - I don't think I will ever leave lace for fair isle (even cables make me nervous, because it could turn into an affair)-but if I did: ROCK STAR, CHICA!~ this would be an inspiration...

That is gorgeous! I can see why you call it the best thing you ever knit. Even if you have knit finer, this is amazingly complex and well put together. You did a terrific job!

Beautiful! I love the colours you used. It really suits it.

Awesome. 'nuff said.

Wha'? "The wrong side rows were knit backwards, also in two-handed fair isle"? You must be the fair isle whisperer!

It's beautiful!

Just the best colours - in any case, and on you especially - looks so good with your jeans, and it looks like you did a superb job. Worth the monogamy, and I can understand "startitis". Beautiful, beautiful.

That is insanely beautiful.

That is absolutely stunning!

It looks wonderful!

It's magnificent! Yum, yum!!!! I'm jealous, and I bet everyone at Rhinebeck was too!!

Absolutely beautiful. I ordered the book for this pattern, and I am still not brave enough yet to take it on. Yours is just wonderful I can see why you were a "rock star" at Rhinebeck!

heeey ! You're so cuuuute ! I wish I would knit like that :(

Stunning. Just absolutely stunning.

wow that is awesome ! you are amazingly talented ( and judging from this project you also have alot of patience)

Absolutely amazingly beautiful! Truly your best among many lovely knits.

You have inspired me to put away my mindless knitting and do something spectacular. This is exquisite. Thanks for sharing.

Whoa, how did I miss this? The shawl is extraordinary. Very lovely! Congratulations on a job well-done!


Very great shawl. You got a cool style, not the classic dress-up for the masses. Did you ever think about creating your business around your knitting ?

I was there when you swirled into the Sanguine Gryphon stall and called out to see if they could name the colors. Both you and the shawl glowed. You swirled out again so quickly that no one got a chance to say how wonderful the shawl is. I have been watching the Rhinebeck group to see if someone mentioned your shawl. Glad to get a chance to tell you it is beautiful.

well, I'm not going to lie to you but when I first saw it I said to myself come on what's with that carpet on her...but now when I look at it, damn it's gorgeous !!! You brainwashed me with your cuteness in the pics !

Beautiful! The colors look great on you!

it is nice, looks good on you, i liked the pics you look like a child

just...beautiful ! :) I really like to appreciate beauty when I see it !

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