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(Save Transit City) He's not even in office yet...

And Mayor-Elect Rob Ford has succeeded in giving me something to rant about.  Transit City.

Sure having light-rail instead of subways is not a perfect solution.  But subways take time (which we don't have) and money (which many taxpayers and the current governments don't want to spend) and well they aren't on the public agenda except in Rob Ford's fantasy addled mind and with his fantasy money.

See here for the latest from the Toronto Star

Apparently Ford believes that light rail causes traffic congestion and is willing to use MY money (and YOUR money if you live in Canada) to pay penalties on cancelled contracts for work that is already started.  Then he's going to troll around looking for the unknown oodles of cash that it will take to get a subway built.  And there's the time it takes to get environmental assessments and the contracts and the building of the cars, and well, you see how there ain't gonna be no subway in suburban Toronto.

Hey Mayor-Elect Ford, try to think a little differently. Maybe spend a few days looking at the books and getting a feel for how being mayor works (you know, finding out where the stapler is, and how the coffee machine works). 

Perhaps utilize the services of those traffic engineers who went to University and learned about traffic patterning and gridlock and all kinds of "thinky" stuff about how cars and transportation work and the people at the TTC who spent time planning Transit City.  Those crazy experts we employ to tell leaders like Mayors what the FACTS ARE based on RESEARCH and EVIDENCE.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Maybe cars cause congestion. 

Maybe having 1 person in one vehicle x 1000 causes more congestion than 100 people in 10 vehicles that can cruise along unhampered by all those cars.

Maybe there are many many citizens in the suburbs who do not have cars, or free parking, or other means of transportation and DESERVE a solid public transportation infrastructure IMMEDIATELY to get to their jobs, schools, shops etc because they pay taxes too and work to keep this city running.

Maybe use the money you have now instead of promising something that you can't deliver during your time in office.

Transit City makes sense.  It is relatively inexpensive, possible, started, funded and HAPPENING.  If this is how Rob Ford is going to save me money and show me good customer service (his mantras, not mine, I have far loftier goals as a citizen), we are SCREWED.


Ramblings on my poor neglected blog

As I approach the 7th anniversary of And She Knits Too on Typepad, I notice that I've really lost my blogging mojo.  I blame the crazy pace of life, Twitter, Facebook (which I'm back visiting for some reason), my ability to avoid listening to the news (i.e. I don't have as much to rant about as I did when I was in grad school) and Ravelry (wonderful, fantastic Ravelry).

But it's not like I don't have anything to say.  So today, you get some random Wednesday blatherings:

1. A clean install of Windows 7 seemed like a good idea.  Except it doesn't recognize the DVD drive.  Seems that it doesn't see the DVD drives of about 10 million other computers either.  I hate crazy making computer frustrations.  I just want to watch DVDs on my fancy new 23" LCD monitor.

2. I have two fantastic knitting books to review.  They're re-issues of classics with some extras thrown in.  I need to get organized and tell you about them.  Soon.  Reading them would also be helpful.

3. I haven't knit in two days (I did ply some yarn on my Matchless for about 20 minutes).  I wonder if this is why I"m so cranky.

4. I'm back to RUNNING!!  Turns out I had a hamstring strain caused by the constant stopping in ball hockey.  The physiotherapist gave me some stretches and did some work on me and I feel a ton better.  I've already done 3 runs and I feel fantastic.  Hooray!

5. There is a data error in my current work that I cannot isolate.  It was a fun puzzle the last two days.  It is now a freakin' crazy-making exercise in "why the hell don't people enter the data properly so I don't have to do a line by line comparison to find the problem??!!"

6. Note, I only use the data, I do not enter it.  So yes, I am rightfully blaming others. 

7. I'm mostly off my bike and back on the subway.  I realize that I don't hate the transit system, I hate the people on the transit system.  The ones who think I should wait for the next train so that they have enough room to read a broadsheet newspaper.  The ones who think that pushing those people who won't move into the train is rude, but it's not rude to crowd the doors themselves and make others wait.  Push your way in baby.  If you can put out your arms and not bump 5 people, there's enough fucking room.

8. What is with the comment spam?!  Oddly phrased comments from or are stupid.  Stop it already, none of my fantastic readers are going to buy your stuff.  Especially not from you Mr.

9. I'm getting yarn from Indigodragonfly that I fell in love with in September.  I will be making this.  The yarn is called "Edward discovers that woodchippers make excellent juicers".  The yarn is 50/50 merino silk.  The whole combination makes me very happy. 



Running Update: Shameless self-pity edition

Ball Hockey season is over.  I had a great time.  Team Purple--Hear for Life was full of fantastic, talented and wonderfully supportive women who made me feel welcome and part of the team.  I learned a lot, scored 2 goals (!) got one penality (!) and made some new friends.  We managed to come in second, losing the final in a tough game (they scored the only goal with only 1 minute, 38 remaining!) and I'm really glad I took the plunge and decided to try something new.  And, I can't wait until Spring so I can play in the league again.

The only bad thing?  I got injured.  Nothing too serious, a muscle strain right where the back of my thigh connects to my ass, but an injury that has stopped me from getting any more exercise.  Today, I visited the doctor, and I'm off to physiotherapy to get this strain to stop hurting, heal and let me run again.

[warning: self pity begins]

I really miss running.  I tried to go last week and had to stop and walk home.  That sucks.  I feel like I finally got it right--exercise, eating well, losing weight, feeling great--and now I'm sitting on a magic bag, drinking a rum and coke to relax my muscles (I like booze better than prescription stuff) getting all whiney when I really want to be out destressing with a run.  Wah.

[self pity ends]

I am riding my bike still and that feels not so bad.  I'm also considering dusting off the Jillian Michael's DVD to see if that's less straining, but it's not the same as getting outside and just going.  

At least the Halloween candy is almost gone.

Halloween Tweens

Halloween was a fun time this year.  Except the part where I was FREEZING.  It was much colder than I thought it would be (that's due to denial about winter coming) so the standing around while Xander sprinted from house to house was not all that fun. 

Seeing the kids in their costumes having fun, getting candy, being silly etc. is always entertaining.  This year we had one Annikan Skywalker ala Clone Wars:


And the more eerie version:

 eerie anikan

And, one Glam Rocker.  Notice the attitude?  I see trouble ahead...


Yes, those are silver doc martin's. What you can't see is the silver sparkles on the leggings...


Halloween Tweens are PROS at getting the candy. There are a lot of empty calories in the house. Now the trick for me is to avoid eating too many treats (gotta keep off the now 18 pounds I've lost this year!!!).

(Note: I don't like the term Tween, but do love a good rhyme for my title.)