Extreme Makeover: Bohus Edition Part II

I finally did it.  

I got held up because I had to seam the sides a second time because I decided it wasn't small enough.  I took off another inch total at the hem and chest so it ended up as 39" around.  I couldn't do more, even if I had wanted to because it would start affecting the yoke.  I'll need to think about that proportion when I knit my Wild Apple because I am broad shouldered but not chesty or very large in the middle.  

As you can see above, there were two seams.  I decided it was easiest to just cut up the middle to start.

Notice I said "easiest"?  It wasn't easy cutting into those pretty, hard won, tiny stitches.

But once I got started, there was no turning back.

I kept cutting until I was at the end of the sleeve stitching up and then I had a pretty large, floppy bunch of extra knitting.

I then cut just inside the second seam to remove the excess.


What's left is a nice smaller seam that just folds out of the way and doesn't leave any bulk.


Here I am in the improved Grey Mist Bohus.  I love it all over again.



You totally rock. I would never have the nerve!

Beautiful fit! It is so hard sometimes to know if we will LIKE the fit of various garments until they are done.

This is lovely! It fits you so beautifully!

Beautiful! And terrifying! Having knit a Bohus hat, I can tell you I'd never have the nerve to put scissors to it.

Great job!I have steeked many things, but it's still never easy to take that first snip. The end reults are worth it, though.

I understand the concept of steeks but you still seem incredibly brave to have "CUT" out all that extra fabric from the sides. It does look much better.

That looks excellent on you, Steph. Way to go!

You are a brave, brave woman! The sweater looks great. :)

So lovely!!!

i love the style!

Nice tutorial and awesome tricks i have found in this post. I like this hand made stuff.

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