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:Cringe: cyclist stupidity

When the weather is good (ie there's no snow) I bike to work. Over the years I have had tangles with many stupid drivers which have thankfully lead to nothing more than a wrecked fender, sweaty palms and a rapid heart beat.

This year, the traffic and stupid drivers are NOTHING compared to some of the things I have seen my fellow cyclists do. Luckily I haven't had to see them being smucked by cars but even cringing as they run that red light, or move out of the bike lane into traffic without freaking looking (and hearing the squeal as a car brakes) is too much for me.

Case one: Tuesday June 28 morning Bloor and Parliament
Man quizzes by on bike. Turns out he is holding on to the wheel well of a van to propel himself! Lets go, crosses 6 lanes of busy traffic then rides the wrong way in the bike lane before running through a red light.

What a stupid douche.

Case Two: Wednesday June 29 morning Bay and College
This was a slow cyclist. He looked careful and knowledgable. Until I passed him. Obviously bothered that a vagina passed his penis, he rode in the very skinny space between a city bus and a very big truck in order to pass the bus and make a right hand turn in front if it. I waited behind the bus because I know that the bus wouldn't see me and I don't want to be flattened. The bus didn't see him at first evidenced by the hard braking and I cringed.


Why do I relay these? Not because I want to set back cyclist rights or because I'm sanctimonious because I too am not a perfect cyclist or driver but because stupid people like these endanger themselves, drivers and ME. I hope they don't drive cars the way they cycle and I want them to know they are reinforcing the views of drivers and our mayor who is poised to banish cyclists from the streets.

So stop it okay? Be sensible. I don't want to be in therapy after witnessing your death.

Cliffs of Insanity

Holy I love this:


My crackyarn dealer has come through again enticing me with her addictive offerings.  I already have a skein of the merino silk laceweight which I planned to use to make this beauty, but seeing the mix of wool and silk and moldable stainless steel and the cables and the random, I fell in love.

Cliffs of Insanity.  Awesome.

I also realized that while I very much appreciate lace, it's not me.  I don't really like knitting it and it's not something I wear. That doesn't mean I won't knit it eventually, I just want Cliffs more.

Mine will be blue (You punched the highlights our of her hair) with violet Habu stainless/silk.  I can't wait to cast on.

And the name, that also got me.  My life currently feels like I'm on the brink of a cliff.  It's very busy at work, school is coming to an end, with all it's final recitals and ceremonies and soccer season has begun. I'm thinking about where my career is going next and what I want to be when I grow up and I'm running a lot.  It's crazy. I think a random, soft, silky project with some steel for resilience is just what I need.


Two solitudes of my knitting

I thought I would check in and show you what I've been knitting this month. I caught the log cabin bug, fueled by my love of Kureyon and started in the paint box blanket. I had no Kureyon in my stash (no, I can't believe it either) and resolved to buy a bit at a time and only when the yarn was sale. So I bought a few balls online from Little Knits, knit a square and then bought some more on sale from The Purple Purl a week later.


I fell hard. Little, easy to knit garter stitch squares in one of my favourite yarns. Colourful patterns that unfold as you knit. I love it. I want to knit it and nothing else and I'm on my 10th square of 20. The thing is that this should be something I savor. It's easy and portable and is excellent soccer-mom knitting so I need to slow it down.

That's how I swing to the other solitude of my knitting...lace. I don't knit lace much. I don't like the process very much and while I admire the beauty of lace knitting, the products aren't something I wear often.

However, every so often something comes along that I want to knit and I dive in. In 2009 it was Hanami. I had some lovely kidsilk spray in my stash and I wanted a challenge. I knit 2.5 repeats of the basketweave pattern and every stitch was hell. I couldn't figure out the basket weave pattern and it was really frustrating and it went into the time out corner...for two years.

Last month I decided to give it another go or repurpose the yarn. This time around it's much better. I get how the stitch pattern works. I'm even enjoying it. This weekend I left the log cabin squares at home and have knit two repeats of the lace pattern. I guess I need both kinds of knitting. Easy stuff for when life gets stressful and hard stuff for when I have opportunities to relax and take on a challenge. It's nice that I can have both around at the same time as my weeks fly by like a roller coaster without brakes.