August 29, 2011

Midsummer Night's Run On Saturday night I ran the Midsummer Night's Run 15km race (almost 10 miles, or 1/3 marathon as I liked to call it). It was an interesting format. We started at 6:45pm and run through an industrial area by the Lakeshore into a park/wetland/nature reserve on Lake Ontario and back (Leslie Spit for you Toronto types). It's dark by finish time. People dress up with wings and funny costumes and there are Pace Faeries and other silliness. We all got race shirts with wings painted on the back and the front says: It was a nice run, but I found waiting all day to do it was rough. I was home alone (which was not rough--I knit and watched a lot of Weeds) but didn't know what to do with myself, when to eat etc. But of course, the whole point is that it's a night run, so having it in the morning wouldn't make much sense. That being said, I had an awesome run. 10km is the longest race I've done before and I set myself a goal of 1hr 30min for this one. It was tough, but I came through in 1:29:31! I was 57th out of 281 for my age (40-49) so I felt really good about my time. I am a tad sore even today (it was a rough bike ride into work this morning) and have been eating anything that isn't nailed down (I rather like that part). I'm am feeling like I would rather run shorter distances faster than proceed to a half marathon. I confess that by 12km I wanted it to be over--not so much physically as mentally--I was almost bored. The thought of 22km and running for 2.5 hours is not particularly pleasant. My hat is off to anyone who does it. Maybe it's because I've only run with others twice since I started running. Maybe a half with a buddy to chat with would be fine. I'm not sure. Here I am after the race. It started to rain at the 13km mark and it was hot so I dumped my water over my head at the last water station, hence the drowned rat look. But you can see I'm happy and that's BEFORE the 2 pints of Guiness, lasagne dinner and sticky toffee pudding (I swear I run for beer).

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