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One of the great things about hanging out at a fabulous knit shop is the friendships you form and the ways you get to celebrate those friendships.  At Lettuce Knit, our knit-pal Jenn is having her second baby and of course, that's a great excuse to knit up super cute baby clothes.  

For me it was a chance to finally knit an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket.  I've never done one before, I bought Knitting Workshop a few years ago so I would have the pattern, and then I completely forgot about it.  I also didn't get organized enough to knit something until 2 weeks before the shower, so something tiny was also on the menu.

What a fun pattern.  It really is a surprise for the knitter, since the pattern has none of the usual benchmarks that tell you it's a sweater as opposed to a hat or socks.  You know, things like sleeves or any sense of what the heck the shape is going to be.  So I just did what the pattern told me, and waited for it to become a jacket.

Can you see it?

How about now?

I decided to skip the button holes and leave it as an open jacket.  I can always add a tie if Jenn would prefer it.  I did an i-cord bind off to add a little something to the edges, and even used the i-cord to seam together the jacket at the shoulders.  I picked up stitches from both edges and knit them together with the last stitch of the i-cord.  I really like the effect of i-cord with handpainted yarn.  The Socks that Rock Midweight was the perfect yarn to use (the colour is a rare gem--nice and gender neutral and perfect for an autumn baby).


I can't wait to meet the baby and see him/her in this sweater!  


That's a great jacket. I absolutely love your yarn choice.

I made my first BSJ in 1975 for my second baby. I love the pattern! And your yarn choice is great!

'tis an excellent sweater. And I totally need to make it out to Lettuce Knit on a Wednesday to knit with y'all.

nice to see it in daylight, good job!

A wonderful baby surprise jacket. Great yarn.

Your baby surprise jacket is so cute! The color is a great choice too. I want to knit one of these, though it always confuses me to see them before they are seamed.

Love it! I still haven't knit this sweater but have been wondering whether I need to make it for my friend's baby coming soon...I do have some socks that rock mediumweight around...Hmmm.

i've not knit this one myself yet, but i feel like the bsj is a right of passage. I'm going to have to do it eventually. you're is great inspiration.

Wonderful tutorial regarding baby surprise. I really like the effect of I-cord yarn by hand. I like it. I never found such a great and amazing content. Great job done by you.

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